418K DMG COMEBACK || World of Warships

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  1. Kutusow ? Hallo ? Hmm… scheint keine da zu sein…

  2. If only I had this fire RNG ?
    Nice game, but it can only be NA server, cuz mygod all those potato BB’s dmgconning one fire ?

    • Not really. That Conqueror and Montana used the repair party really well. It’s just that they’re too focused on something else and the Fire RNG was on this Henry IV’s side.

  3. lol 31 fires, almost 1 fire every 10 shells. That is some Conqueror shit. Talking about Conqueror, the one in the enemy team just lost 40 K in one salvo by the Yammy. Crazy game.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +UltimateEel The repair only fully restores fire & flood damages. Full pens also somehow reduce the potential hp restored. Even going 1 on 1 against Stalingrad costs the Conqueror 1 repair & half hp remaining since that bastard is very thick for a cruiser.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Dude, the unicums like Yuro can even kill Conqueror in one salvo with Republique. I also nuked 50k damage on Conqueror with Musashi. Conqueror’s citadel-proof myth is just a gossip spread by Montana mafia because the 406mm terribly underpowered compared to the rivals of same tier.

    • frank_from_franconia

      +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing it wasn’t a myth until the last? patch. They raised her citadel significantly. To be honest: that thingy was the most “potatoe proof” BB in the whole game.. ^^ and is still one of the best, when you know how to angle. :3

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing nope, they can only do it every now and then. Unicums are also RNG dependant, just like the rest. I myself am an Unicum BB player (Yama, Repu) and trust me, such ”deletions” occur rarely, even at point blank ranges, especially when you have ”only” 8 or 9 guns, compared to lets say Montana’s 12.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Underviv Yes fire damage (not HE damage as many people believe, as HE penetrations ar just as healable as normal AP pens with the exception of citadel damage), but that doesn’t really matter when you can set a guy (especially a battleship) on fire on almost every salvo. How many fires can you wait out before you use the control party? Two? Three? Doesn’t matter. The Conqueror will set you on fire again. And the repair party can’t heal all fire damage on every use. It will heal a certain amount. So a perma fire will burn on a battleship for 60 seconds, and it will take away 18% of its HP pool. Two perma fires will take out 36% of a battleships HP. For example a Montana will lose 36000 hp from two perma fires, not counting the HP loss from the HE shells themselfs, which can only be healed by 50%. And Conqueror shells do A LOT of HE damage. So, youy survive 2 prema fires that have taken out 1/3 of your hp and you activate your repair party which will heal 14% of your hp lost to the fire, that is 13400 hp and then you have to wait for 2 mins until it recharges. So you lost 36000 to fire, you healed 13000. That leaves you with 23000 less hp for 3.30 mins just from the fires. And i guess you’re gonna take more damage in those 3:30 mins.

  4. Красавчик класс

  5. I would have called this “Epic French BBQ”.

  6. Jesus the Fire Rng is really with him

  7. >40% hit rate with his guns, even at that range. Hella good shooting.

  8. Сергей Николаев

    почему мне такие не попадаются,что бы на корабле висело по 2-3 пожара и их не тушили… 🙁

  9. Conquerornwas a bit I’m pretty sure

  10. That Yamato kill steal like a boss

  11. yay another panzer replay of some shitbird in the 1 or 10 line farming damage against some terrible players that just lemming into him kiting away, haven’t bothered with the video but i bet my left nut thats what happens

    • Actually no, I was wondering but its worth a watch, he stayed at range but didn’t get to kite away much, that said his fire rng was good with 31fires and the BB’s didn’t play it very well against him /shrug, was a good game to wacth I thought.

    • I don’t think it is a good idea to rush into a wana be yamato, a Montana and a Conquer in a (an?)Henri

    • French Cruisers are fire starter, they farm damage from afar. They are squishy and they are so easy to citadel than even a German BB can do it with eyes closed. What do you expect, to see them brawl, cap and tank damage?

  12. Alexandr Abramovsky

    – How much did you do?
    – Will explain this later. Gotta clean my pants first.

  13. That Zao at end nearly full hp, almost at map border.

    • his flank got decimated and at least he retreated with concealment instead of yoloing, bcs that zao helped with the kron at the end and area-denied benson from capping b

  14. Nice battle, just wish you would have tried shooting the enemy DD a bit more when it was spotted.

  15. This guys was on fiiirreeeee 😉 great job!

  16. somebody has to learn to support his DD`s

  17. Good ego play but bad teamplay. help the dd for example.

  18. perfect henry play, awesome he yamato, potatos, and unsinkable conquerer. great.

  19. At this point, I expect to see all of the 350K+ games to be in Henris

  20. 15:24 Y’all can appreciate how well the Henry played, BUT DID YOU SEE THE YAMATO SALVO ON THE CONQUEROR?????

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