4300 XP Hindenburg Carry || World of Warships

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  1. The salt of the enemy team lol

    • Especially since earlier the player bragged how he has so many medals on his screen only to get outsmarted and having his ego blown then rages in chat with his team. So priceless. Ive said it before but real good players dont brag in game they let the gameplay do the talking. Only average players do this who in their mind think they are unicom but have no idea how to carry a match.

  2. compliments to their midway too, 95 planes.

    • The enemy CV was better than the other CV clearly. He did miscalculate the TB drop at the end that resulted in the drop to not arm. Looked like he was too excited and dropped to near the Hindy. If it was placed a bit further away it would have killed the Hindy player. The enemy CV did the best he could against the hindy.

  3. Nice Rage Quit in Chat

  4. That last torp drop lol, maybe give an extra 100 meters

  5. Hat er sehr gut gespielt .. Respekt..

  6. WOW nice game, i love when the torps of the CV dont arm in time.
    And..can u share your captain skills in this match? Do u think this build will work in CW or Ranked?
    Thx and i hope u upload more videos of Hindenburg or others cruisers, i love this line.


  7. Enemy team so salty they can’t just congratulate the guy for phenomenal play.

  8. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh blimey, that chat! xD

  9. Genuinely impressive.

  10. Very well played.

  11. Im a bb player i have all t10 bb and all t10 cruiser the only cruiser i play most its Hindenburg not tuff to play if your are a bb player it’s a Real beauty Monster ship u Can play it with range module or reload u have choice it’s a Monster whatever u choose ???????

    • Watching this video and a few other Hindenburg vids the last few days has convinced me it’s time for me to grind the German cruiser tree. I’m currently grinding the Nuremberg.

    • Exodriver it’s a awsome ship do it

    • Right now I have the Des Moines, Zao, Moskva, and Minotaur. They’re decent ships, and can be fun to play at times, but they’re also one trick ponies, and can be a liability when the conditions of a match make their special abilities useless.

      The Hindenburg looks like one of those rare ships that’s useful, and a great asset, no matter what the game conditions are. It also looks like a fairly user friendly ship for a tier ten, and is something a player with average skill like me can have good productive games in, without having to be a total expert or pro.

      After watching several Hindenburg videos, this ship seams to really piss off enemy players big time, and is a good salt miner. Nothing is more satisfying, and funny for me than having an enemy player curse me out in the chat box, and accuse me of cheating. When that happens, I know I’ve moved beyond the noob stage, and am getting closer to being the awesome player I dream of becoming one day.

  12. Absolutely fantastic game, congratulations

  13. At 6:50, enemy “complaining” his screen is filled up with too many ribbons hahaha

  14. Muhammad Fakhri Husaini

    What a CV… Lol

  15. Well done bro! I love this ship! Great games in it


  17. Superb gameplay.
    Had to watch it 2 times tho :), one for the gamestyle and 2 for the chat. :)))

  18. just bbbbbarely survived

  19. Very nice gameplay!

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