460K DMG – 15 CITA – RANKED – World of Warships

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460K DMG – 15 CITA – RANKED – World of Warships

Ranked Battles are only available at specific times and are restricted to certain tiers of ships. A typical “season” of Ranked Battles runs approximately 6-7 weeks, and involves players progressing up a ladder-style ranking system from a high rank (such as “Rank 20”) towards a low rank, with Rank 1 being the pinnacle of the ladder. Players queue for Ranked Battles individually and are placed on teams randomly by the matchmaking system, similar to how Random Battle matchmaking is done; however, Ranked Battle matchmaking is grouped such that players are teamed up with — and playing against — players of similar rank. Credit and experience rewards are equivalent to those earned in Random Battles.


  1. 3:20 First Blood
    9:55 6 Citadel lol
    13:45 4 Citadel

  2. That duble strike … That was legendary

  3. 460k defeat, ouch

    • Jonathan Wennströmm

      Dealing a lot of dmg = your team does not do a lot of dmg. “taking away their dmg” so basically a regular loss 😛

  4. He lost cuz did you see that he waited for that Montana to die from the Kremlin and then shoot
    I think that he wanted him to die for the enhancement idk

  5. Godlike final

  6. Is it me or was this the luckiest game ever? I could be wrong but it appeared he held his shots on the Kremlin until knew he had the kill shot, sacrificing his team mate. On the thunderer he had a shot several times and held it? If not for the high damage I would say this was shit play?

    • Well…..that Montana was pretty dumb for going being where he was. Full broadside to a kremlin 4km away with his guns turned the opposite direction

  7. 👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. Expecting a win after 460k?

  9. Yeah, could have done so much better. Good damage but a decent player in the same situation would have done more. Plus they probably wouldn’t have let their teammate die when they had a broadside like that.

    • Ok, armchair captain. Let’s see the upload of you doing better. Those 380 mm guns can troll like crazy. He didn’t have a reliable (perpendicular) broadside until he fired. I’ve shot Kremlins with my JB from ranges like that but angles that weren’t perfectly perpendicular and gotten ricochets and shatters. He did phenomenally… what a heartbreak.

  10. Anyone want add me as friend ? Also is it me or is there audio delay ?

  11. 이걸 지네

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