4v4 Clan Battles; TIRPITZ IS QUEEN | World of Warships

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Literally have been away from WoWs for over 2 years since I moved to Canada and my account was in EU; finally now after an account transfer and I am back and I forgot how much I liked this game; I have a ton more videos coming soonTM

●About Me
Hi! My name is Samuel, what’s up? I am 25 years old and live in Canada (I am Dutch though!). Thanks for checking out my channel. I upload a wide variety of games in 1440p60, including but not limited to Battlefield 5, Men of War (Assault Squad 2), ARMA 3, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, The Wargame Series, SQUAD, Post Scriptum, Heroes and Generals & Company of Heroes! I try to maintain a healthy balance between fun and tactical gameplay, mixing videos with tips, tricks and random gameplay that can be from any game!

~Thanks for watching!


  1. Woah what’s this? UwU WOWS

  2. Well 1 of the nickname of the KMS Tirpitz was “The lonely Queen of the North”. 🙂
    GG, i hope we will see more of this.

  3. Sherm: Tirpitz is queen!
    Me, an Azur Lane Player: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I see you’re a man of culture.

  4. Hey, Sherm; welcome back! Next time, what about picking fighters, not spotters?

  5. Happy to see you in WoWs again

  6. yeah we want to see more of this

  7. Tirpitz can be taken out by 20 year old biplane

  8. You should use HE more against some Targets or in Specific Situations.
    That’s why you do so little DMG.
    (HE against Angled Ships and all that stuff)

  9. I moved from Heroes and Generals to WOWs and now my fav HG youtuber iis playing this game what in the world?? Yaaas more of this daddy!

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