5 Stars Halloween – Igor 2017 || World of Warships

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5 Stars Halloween Igor 2017 || World of Warships
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  1. So hard to get this year in my opinion

  2. Been close several times but only 4 stars

  3. Loved how those two ships threw themselves at the Rasputin in ramming attacks, they are properly why it didn’t get in close to the escort at the end there.

  4. It’s easier this year. I’ve done this mission on 1st attempt

  5. That’s all good tho ! but why the dd’s were saving their smoke and for who exactly ? u can smoke in the end and don’t have to yolo rush them to take him out

  6. i can play more better than this guy… he isn’t the man of the match at this game.. but, the player who ram his ship it’s must to give Appreciate

  7. Props to the those brave commanders for ramming.

  8. This igor is a st. Luis

  9. I havent even been able to complete this op.

  10. My first ever attempt resulted in five stars, but ever since I haven’t completed it

  11. Completed this at the first attempt, it’s very important for the DDs to smoke the Transylvania in order to minimize damage.

  12. Excuse the noob question, but what is best , AP or HE ammo ? For all ships same ? Ty , nice vid

  13. I played it over a hundred times, never get five star. Always that escort to the left of Rasputin turns the circle red…. Rasputen is always attracting quite allot of attention by the time that little sucker does it. The moral is, Your supposed to ignore Rasputin to kill that little shit so Rasputen can kill half your team and win!

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