5 Things You Must Know to NOT SUCK at World of Warships

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Recently I’ve had a few new players ask me for tips, so I figured it would help to give them a few crucial tips. Enjoy.


  1. FFS The PINGS!

  2. TheJohnsonFoundation Company


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  3. Grate video for players that have just started playing

  4. Good video, though I think its too much information for a newbie, its more for guys who habe played at least 100 battles.

    • If you can’t watch this video a few times and put it into practice you are too shit for this game and are not worth anything.

    • 100 battles is newbie.

    • The great Xcelerator

      Doesn’t matter. Tier 1 can only shoot HE anyway (with the exception of Black Swan) and cruisers are the only class available. In addition, you can’t join Randoms until you reach account level 3, while protected matchmaking will cease only when you hit account level 11 or tier 5 (whatever comes first). So these tips are much more valuable to players that have 100 games under their belt when compared to brand new players.

  5. I play wows but my pc is slow with an old AMD chipcard and 2gb of ram

    • Then I suggest you stop playing WoWS until you can manage to get a better computer, or, barring that, stick to co-op so that you can still blow shit up.

    • asaeampan i mean i can play with most 17-20 FPS in wows but it frezzes when starting a match or entering a match

    • Upgrade ram. That’s cheap

    • Yeah wows kinda clunky it takes PC resources so much, for comparison when I run war thunder in high setting I got 60fps but in wows you just could do medium that’s not even 60fps instead you’ll get console fps, in other world big world engine sucks!

    • try the alsain mod to compress or whatever its called , i too play on a potato and this mod has helped me load quicker and improve my fps to around 11 , the graphics are a bit blurry on things like the containers and camos but the game runs better . i used to load in 30 seconds after everyone else, get around 7 fps and crash every 2-3 games unless i logged out and back in again lol . oh and defragging computer after every game update helps me aswell .

  6. I am not racist, I love the chinese

  7. 3:20. I would use a more accurate ship to display aiming instead of the inaccurate, random Roma.

  8. Protip: Consult with your doctor to find out whether you have at least half a brain. If yes, congrats! You’re an above average player!

  9. At the time I saw people sayin dynamic is much better, played 2000 rounds already. This is so much better to use as a new player.. yet its too late for me cos I cant get use to the dynamic.

    • Gary Anderson II

      I agree. For a beginner, definitely go with Dynamic. If your aim is already very good with static, then stay with static because 80% of aim comes by feel and not technical info (like riding a bike).
      This is only my opinion.

    • Honestly your aim is probably more reaction and less the Crosshair honestly.. At a certain point I know for me its more trained reaction espeacialy once you have most ship info programmed in your brain it becomes reacition and memory response I think ..

    • so it 100% possible your accuracy is good cause its all involuntary reaction to your brain processing the target

    • I use a static, actually type8, allows me to easily adjust to angled ships. Guess that’s why I only hit about 30% of the time in BBs.

    • Yea but I do agree when ships are angled the extra lines on static def help but there is also a wows approved mod that will show you the angle of targetsed ship to help if you try Dynamic

  10. General Mustache

    Shoot the red guys not the blue

  11. Nice video as usual. One military terminology clarification tho. Cover is when something hard is between you and the enemy preventing them from hitting you with fire. Concealment is when you are not visible (as in vision) to an enemy because something is obscuring visual detection. So you were using Fiji’s smoke for concealment. Smoke does not provide cover since you can be hit by incoming fire while in smoke (or for army guys being concealed behind bushes or plywood, a door, etc. won’t prevent being hit by blind small arms fire.)

  12. Darnath Lysander

    Another huge thing about being effective as this game is your mindset.
    The best thing you can do to help your chances is to not believe in moronic myths like Russian Bias or that BB’s are the only useful class in the game and that everything is trash compared to them etc, etc.

    Furthermore, don’t be the mongrel who blames others or the game for your own moronic decisions such as showing broadside to a BB in a cruiser and then getting deleted or complaining about being killed by radar in a destroyer when you could have planned around both eventuality.
    The best thing to do in those situations is understand that you, and you alone cocked up and understand what you could have done to prevent it either by being less aggressive or being more attentive to the situation around you.

    • I agree many players in this game lack accountability

    • Some good points disagree with radar though. The fact it can see through islands and u get 3 radar cruiser a game. Makes it a lot harder to play if you have less dds than cruisers.

    • Darnath Lysander

      A poor response. If you are willing to play a DD that gets into T10 MM then you need to be able to deal with the issue of radar. Your response highlighted exactly my point, that you blame the game for it. Yes, I agree that radar can be a bit dumb what with being able to see through islands but it is still at the end of the day you that needs to deal with it in a manner that hopefully leads to your team’s victory.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      If you know how the in-game radar works, you should keep in mind that radar has limited duration & action range. Expect where the radar cruisers could be & position yourself ready to outrun them once you get radared. A radar cruiser that overextends herself is a sight that your allied BBs have been waiting for.

  13. If you read this ichase. I want to let you know…

    How r u mate?

  14. 1) don’t be the first detected (yes, you play against the other team, but you also play against your own)
    2) be very careful in the beginning, that cap will still be there to the end of the game
    3) try hard to survive to at least half time
    4) don’t expect your team mates to help you out, you set yourself up for bitter disapointment
    5) if you are a dd player and somebody on your team calls out to the team to give you cover, notice that he will be the first to hide behind the next island (see the clarification between cover and concealment below)
    6) if you have to insult somebody please do it in a creative manner. you get more attention that way.
    7) the maximum range of your guns don’t have to be the most effective range
    8) don’t ask for a plan. There is none, We would have found it. And anyway it’s a random game. Half of the team will do the exact opposite. Just follow the dds
    9) You don’t get anything out of surviving the battle. Running away as the last ship if you are behind points is just a waste of time.
    and finally
    Please keep sailing in a straight line and at constant speed, it’s an endless source of enjoyment for us veteran players

    • Yeah a lot like to go Admiral Halsey on people…

      Then again if they’re trying to be helpful then it might be worthwhile to listen to them.

    • And 11, try not to be the star attention of enemy team. You gonna have a hard time

    • What is this Murphy’s law of WoWs?

    • Kinda, it applies pretty well to WoT also.

    • You are right, i think in my 10k games, I only got once a helpful advice (shoot he in a sharnhorst at a bow in higher tier bb). But there are always people who act as if its beneath them to play with us cretins. Then you look at their stats and realize that they are new to the game AND bad. They are acting like small dogs thats all.

  15. Still good info even 2000 battles in 🙂

  16. Battleship players, don’t sail in straight lines if there’s a destroyer around.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Same goes to Cruiser players. I lost count how many Cruisers sunk because they forget steering wheels exist & are whining about how squishy their ships are.

    • Especially when a “Asashio” / Shimakaze / Fletcher in the other team lol
      Got so much “HATE” from playing Asashio as some BB player just sail in straight for few minutes and get torp by me

  17. I wasn’t aware people actually try to calculate shell flight time and lead indicator lol. Good aim is an acquired feeling IMO. I don’t put any math behind my volleys and I have damn good aim. Been using static forever. I feel like overcomplicating things is more of a detriment than a benefit.

  18. Should have used the tier 1 Hermelin to bunce the Yamato shells :3

  19. Chase you forget to mention DO NOT drop Torps right behind your teammate…

  20. CynicallyObnoxious

    We all know 90% of the player base wont see this and or even care or they’re too old to figure out how to Youtube

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