#53 World of Warships Legends MEMES!

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A new episode of lets put a smile on your face!

This funny meme compilation includes what the internet has to offer in combination with my own random moments.
Leave a comment if you have any remarks, questions or feedback!



  1. Ayy lets go, first

  2. Well hello!

  3. I love you meme good job bro 😂😂😂

  4. That last-second clutch is great!

  5. That bomb miss at the end 😂

  6. jluisRANdomstUFF

    Ahh yes the sacred scriptures that are these videos

  7. Hard laughing as always😂

  8. Where RU A A RON

    I did not see myself I am disliking

  9. Captainnn the ship is sinking 😂😂

  10. I got in a game with you yesterday I was so excited

  11. Lord King Potato

    Excellent work my friend, keep it up 👍

  12. Good job man, i never get such good torp strikes haha

  13. Addison Gonzales

    Why my clips no here? Unsubscribed

  14. Nice clip again 🎉

  15. When over half the clips is someone spamming torps then you know were the skill level of the community is and its horrible there is no skill to be had from spraying torps

    • WOWS Legends memes

      Conclusion jumping. Keep an eye out on the top right and look at all the solo caps, defends etc. Don’t be skill judging a meme video;)

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