#54 World of Warships Legends MEMES!

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A new episode of lets put a smile on your face!

Thanks to Godzinny, Hippersdontlie, Wide_Out_22 and SaltyHaramb3 for sending in clips!
This funny meme compilation includes what the internet has to offer in combination with my own random moments.
Leave a comment if you have any remarks, questions or feedback!



  1. WOWS Legends memes

    I am setting up my own Discord server. Take a look at my latest post or read the “Read first” at the server itself
    Thanks for watching!

  2. I guess that guy didn’t get the memo from WG about Schlieffen 😂

  3. That Schlieffen…. 🤦‍♂️ also what was your base xp on that Shima game?

  4. He musta have his secondaries off 😂😂😂

  5. Okay it’s official. This clogger is on another level. Dude this is soooo good I watched it again immediately after the first time 🤣

  6. why does hipper never play like that when hes with me

  7. Love your Videos ❤
    Do you take clips ?

  8. Genius 😎

  9. xAgentOfChaos_87

    Dr phil 😂😂

  10. Epic vid! I recently discovered your channel, so happy I did. I played a match yesterday with you on my team, on North, where you ruled the match in your Belfast 43 🙂

  11. Kevin kommt spielen

    What tf happened to that Schlieffen‘s secondaries?

  12. Entertaining as usual…keep on doing what you doing…good job as usual✌️

  13. Mate this is fuckin brilliant

  14. The guy in the king of secondaries had sb and aa turned off 😂😂

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