56.3 knots in a CRUISER !!!! World of Warships

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A game played on JTR’s stream where over 8 million potential damage was received providing a 36% increase in speed on top of the 20% engine boost consumable.
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Viel Spaß beim probiern

Danke ! Thank You =)


  1. An Pham Huu Nam

    Conde can even go faster than Eminem on Godzilla

  2. ⚓ĚŁBÎŇĞ⚓

    8 millions potential dmg lol world record

  3. … and 20 knots in reverse 😀

  4. very pro-player gamer…

  5. boristhebarbarian

    is this with the premium French captain? and the captain skill that gives extra speed for kills? Anyone have a captain build for this? I am grinding French cruisers.. just got Algerie.

  6. Alejandro León

    Esa cosa no corre, vuela

  7. What was really impressive, doing 22 knots backwards… . .

  8. That was Matrix level maneuvering!

  9. As if the Conde was 1 second in the future.

  10. most impresive is not going 22knots backwards or 56knots highspeed. most impresive is, it took him 22sec from 22knots backwards to 55knots forward

  11. Great captain!

  12. Alexander Papadopoulos

    Maneuvering brilliance !!!

  13. Imagine conde in arms race!!

  14. Emmanuel Marcial

    Damn. I already think the Henri speed is great, that’s why I love this cruiser. I’ll get Philippe first, that’s for sure.

  15. That Annapolis contributed 4M at least lol

  16. This cruiser speed is faster than some DDs

  17. That’s faster than my 51kn torpedo lol

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