5k base XP minotaur game (NA Record) World of Warships

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  1. Nice god game

  2. Outstanding work Miss, well done.

  3. Not 5k though, I Had a 4,9 Base xp Game in my mino too. No 5k for us

  4. “Those who brag.” Blah blah blah blah nag nag. …. so annoying. Awesome game. Should be proud.

  5. sebastian arley

    4,9k base XP. Clickbait

  6. Doesn’t count. The enemy CV is well known as being the WORST USN CV player on the NA server.

    • Its like knowing major countries presidents or the german chancelor. there are so few of them (very little high tier CV mains) that you tend to recognise them over time when you’re interested in the ship class.
      I know if i ever met Farazelleth, Reyte or Strangers123 on the ennemy team in CVs, i’d piss my pants. toolong is also an insane CV player, havent seen him in some time tho (this is in EU)

    • JFK is also the type of guy that will dictate where friendly ships go and refuse to take responsibility for downed friendly ships when he had the means to defend them.

    • he’s not WARBEASTY tho
      he can take 2nd place

    • And here i thought i was the only one who recognized LT_JFK.. lol he is infamous now.. hahahahaha

    • I played more games with him in ranked than I wish to remember. I got to rank 5, quit playing for a week….then played again. Lost my first game and found myself in that rank 6 to 10 meta again. And low and behold…there he was. In my first game…playing a CV. He was still rank 10. And blamed EVERYONE for not remaining clustered together and focusing AA on enemy CV. Anyone that needed to evade torps or incoming fire and got even slightly removed from the cluster he left for dead. Never even tried to keep them safe. Thats when I realised there is more wrong with him than a mere lack of talent in a CV.

  7. GG and well played, Mino is my fav ship, nice to watch it played so well.

  8. 4.9k xp still nice

  9. linkinpark12349

    Well played

  10. Why the carrier had such a hard on for an AA monster ship like a Minotaur is beyond me.

  11. That was a seriously impressive game. It’s not like most games you see here where there is a lot of luck involved.

    somehow the thumbnail is impressed me

  13. FlyingChinese O7

    Aimbot user… reported

  14. Although we all have our “good game” once in a while…

    … being an ass like that instantly gets a thumb down…

  15. Next time I see a BB player moan and groan about him having to carry a team with his 2 kills and 100k damage…. I will just copy and paste this link for him. Along with a STFU

  16. How to Mino 101

  17. Would be fun to see the outcome if WG suddenly would load that thing with HE.

  18. Very good game. It’s nice to have a game once in a while where no one shoots at you except a couple dd’s.

  19. Murillo Mota Alves

    how he fire when canons are on turn?

  20. INORA Kurbanbaeva

    5100 for montana

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