5X Devastating STRIKE | Derzki – 7 Kills | World of Warships

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Player: augustm
Map: Archipelago

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  1. When you have that derzki into youre team you are happy, but the ennemy is gonna die so fast you aren’t going toi do damages

  2. Sometimes you’re Derzki, and sometimes you’re Derpski

  3. PK was like a torp-monster

  4. tinatpasselepoivre

    torp reload and torp acceleration ama right?

  5. Eu stachu von Götze

    you lucky!!! enemys were so stupid in this battle ???

  6. Wait, it spat out how many torps in a minute 24? GTFO that’s OP as fuck

  7. We all know derzki is 3 tier shimakaze.

  8. цель даже переключать не умеет…

  9. “i see AFK ship with 10k hp hmmmmmmm, Fire 10 torps at him!”

  10. Hey its my clan mate 😀

  11. Thats meeeee 😀

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