6 CV game – GG – WP – MM =) World of Warships

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  1. That poor dd in the enemy team…

  2. Константин Лисица


  3. Battle 360 vibes!

  4. This has to be the NA server at like 2pm when everyone is asleep except for these guys

  5. Ha ha the epic troll to surface boat players

  6. Just lucky CV’s now have a limited impact on the outcome of matches or that could have been annoying for everyone involved 🙂
    WGing are just dumb and kinda fuked up huh?

  7. Who wants to buy premium CV?
    Massachusetts shot down 64 aircraft (VIII Kaga and Zeppelin)
    Captain skill
    3-5 Basic Firing Training.
    4-5 Advanced Firing Training
    AA sector reinforcement has not been used yet

  8. 影片借我分享給wg。讓他們開始檢討cv傷害過低問題

    • Reaper 现在的航母还不够狠吗?现在每次2艘航母 开其它船的玩家 难受的很 你还想让航母伤害更高

  9. why ppl upload crap games?

  10. I love CVs, shooting down planes is just delicious fun!

  11. Just wondering why a secondary build BB keep running away from enemy ships when there’s no torp ships in their team?? (from 10:00 vs Pensacola) I mean, I often play secondary Tirpitz and if in that situation I will definetely rush towards Pensa and Ashi.

  12. I hate teams like this. It was obvious early on that all eight red ships were going to C. So why couldn’t ONE CV go to A to cap it while all of the rest of the fleet could go to B and setup there. Such a simple winning strategy but yet, how many green ships went to A when they didn’t need to? Idiots, idiots, idiots.

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