6 Year PC Player Tries World of Warships: Legends

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I’ve been meaning to try out the console version of wows for a long time. I’ve finally got a hold of a PlayStation and I must say it’s been a lot of fun!

I’m Potato_Quality, a member of O7, and probably one of the best players in this game. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. You know PC version is going downhill when it is being compared to the console version.

  2. No charges for captain re-trains you say!?!

  3. Why is everyone playing Legends now lol

    • I’m gonna be brutally honest, I started playing Legends when I saw they released California with the right stats. 30s reload AND 40% torpedo protection <3

      Now my question is, why the heck hasn't California received the same love in WoWs PC?!

    • Because it’s nicer to the player than the PC version

    • Its just better. Faster game, Game is more balanced, better commander system/build system is better, 9v9, artstyle and ui is better, its not world of warplanes.

    • @Raymurkz22 DDs way overpowered.22k damage from one torp 👎🏾

    • @W_Pilgram true, i hate shima too. why i mostly play radar cruisers.

  4. I played console a bit before, and there are definately some features that I miss. Protected MM for all tiers, free commander retraining and skillchanging, and CVs without rockets. I’m not going back, but I really wish WG would give us this on PC too!😬

    • I 2nd that!
      i spent a lot of DB just to get most commander up to 10.0 since i was unable to play when it was free^^ and the “auto skills ” suck..
      they could of just reset every commander for everyone…but nooo

  5. Not sure if you are aware, you can change the controls to get a gun lock instead of the overview camera. It helps a lot when brawling with BB

  6. First I see Yuro now you this is so cool for me as a legends player

  7. They REALLY need to implement permanently free commander respecs on pc and mobile. Part of the reason there is zero build diversity is because people don’t have the freedom to try out different builds without spending a chunk of money on redistributing commander points. It’s even worse for “seasoned” commanders, i.e. 14pts and up, and new players who don’t look up guides early on and just build their commander to what they feel fits for them, only to find out later on that their build is sub-optimal for not just their current ship, but also the other ships further up the line.

    It’s ridiculous.

  8. WoWs Legends and WoWs both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, I prefer the balancing/matchmaking/commander system of Legends, whereas WoWs PC has a MUCH wider variety of ships and some more QoL features not in Legends yet.

    I play both, as they’re similar to each other obvi, but they’re definitely different.

    • Yea personally I feel legends is better because in pc the whole stay 28km away and snipe versus your lucky to even get 20km on a battleship plus a lot less fire spam just hate how it can take you couple of month to get a legendary ship

  9. “Because I am not playing World of Warplanes,” PQ, 2021

  10. No mention of the best part I noticed: No chat in a match.

  11. Antonio Hagopian

    They should give us a free for all mode with the tech tree ships just like the halloween modes, we would have so much fun without negative iq teamates

  12. I like this version UI, I would like this UI to be available on the PC version

  13. Good to see some pc player enjoying our console version, if u need a teammate, i have 2553 average base xp 🤝 ps : for commanders each week u have a crate which give u a commander that u dont have until u have them all then the crate became random

  14. I’ve played legends since release up till the beginning of this year and finally made the switch to PC and I feel like legends is way easier to play and have high damage games

  15. The main complain that a I have with the legendary tier is the insane 4.6 concealment of the shimakaze .

  16. WoWs legend team seems to have the devs doing the carry with a lagging art dept. WoWs PC team seems to be the other way round.

    • Keep in mind that Legends has to run on Older generation consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. They don’t have the OS power to do much better without sacrificing serious game performance

    • @Trey Stroeder Xbox One is an older generation console… oh man do I feel old now

  17. It can be amusing sometimes, seeing PC players blasting Legends as half-assed and “too easy”, and all because it’s an subjectively more fun experience with a more player-friendly development model 🤔

  18. Love seeing your perspective on the game! Cheers man

  19. The best thing about wows legends is you never feel useless or outclassed in any match as a result of +1-1 mm. You always have decent chance of affecting the outcome of the battle.

  20. You forgot about almost free 2500 dubloons campagin with t7 or T6 premium.

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