7.11 Ship Teases – World of Warships

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Discuss a couple teased ships in Lazo and Irian, both using Kutuzov style ship platform with slight tweaks. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Thank you so much sir for your videos

  2. Really….ANOTHER soviet cruiser >.<

  3. Love the new reworked for the Zipangu port. Like if you agree!

  4. Huanghe is awesome. What are you talking about, Notser? =D

  5. The Lazo looks like it will explode if even looked at by a BB while the Irain is a MK without smoke but gimmicky torps that maybe you might use once per game,going to pass on both of these. WG premium ships have really sucked of late with none of them been really good.

    • Александр Ванюков

      +Tiago Casquinho No, for example I don’t find Scharnhorst to be stronger than Gneisenau. More fun? Definitely. Stronger? No. People like to talk about “pay-to-win” and “op premiums” but it is only an excuse. People call ships like “Konig Albert” with 11.9 km range overpowered when you have free Bellerophon with 15 km range (range isn’t everything of course but Bellerophon has armor as well for example).
      Many premiums can be fun, for example Ishizuchi. But Orion is stronger. Some premiums are unfun like Texas but balanced. And some are just not needed like Duke of York and Indianapolis. So saying that “The rest is just being stronger versions of the normal ships, while not having something special” is incorrect in my opinion.

    • +Александр Ванюков well I’m not saying they are all pay to win, but most premiums are (sometimes even only I slight bit) better than the normal ships, cause if they weren’t, almost no one would buy them, I’d say the Scharnhorst is better than the gneisenau because gneisenau accuracy sucks, and only having 3 turrets is also bad. But that’s because German bbs in general are pretty weak since secondary builds are totally useless nowadays.

      But look at the kutuzov, look at the Atlanta, look at the Jean Bart, they were made to be better than the normal ships, that’s why WG nerfed the alsace: so the Jean bart can be stronger

    • jason oshea I just want a Yamato Class aircraft carrier, USS New Jersey with the CIWS and tomahawks, the Russian or Italian BB line.

    • ironically, because its armor is so low you’re probably best broadside on to BB’s, because overpens will be very likely.
      But yes, having played the shchors (which this basically is), I can attest to it being very squishy, but quite a fun ship honestly.

    • Александр Ванюков

      ​+Tiago Casquinho Scharnhorst is a different ship. In the hands of a regular player it can easily perform worse than Gneisenau. It is just my opinion of course but Scharnhorst is my most played ship. I like it more than Gneisenau but I can use Gneisenau more effectively in general. Premium ships usually have better statistics (average damage, winrate) because many good players them. And they play them in a top condition right off the bat. And you need to play regular ships in a stock condition what negatively affects their stats.
      Atlanta is a perfect example of this situation. In my hands (54 % winrate, 1.7 K/D, not a bad player but not very good either) it will suck miserably and I will have less average damage than with Tier 3 cruisers. New Orleans for example is a much easier to play ship.
      Jean Bart’s consumable was nerfed during testing so Alsace is better now.
      Can’t say much about Kutuzov, smoke camping was nerfed but I am not sure about the whole situation.

      I will pick Bismarck over Tirpitz, King George V over Duke of Youk, Queen Elizabeth over Warspite, Nagato over Ashitaka, Fuso over Mutsu, New Orleans over Boise and Indianapolis and so on. Right now the only OP (probably) premium ship which is available is T-61… Some OPs ships are not available anymore (Imperator Nikolai I, Kamikaze).

      I am not trying to defend WG. I just want to progress in this game and play harder instead of finding excuses and so on. I am not trying to offend you personally but I’ve seen so many complaints in various games that I take them with a grain of salt. And I want not to judge too quickly. For example Atlanta is a very annoying ship to deal with. VERY ANNOYING. But it doesn’t make her overpowered. It is a situational ship and it can be countered (maps knowledge + Atlanta’s short range). Something gimmicky can’t usually be overpowered.

  6. Russian cruisers don’t need armour, all they need is a good commissar. The glory of communism will deflect all imperial/ capitalist shells and they will miss the ship. Or was it good maneuvering, I forgot.

  7. Strictly speaking, Lazo isn’t actually a Kutuzov design. She’s of the Project 68 design which is in-game as the Chapayev whereas the Kutuzov was the 68bis design. So, Lazo is basically a Tier VII Chapayev.

    • Pat The Riot i couldnt find any info about it though, even searching russian sources

    • +Sarp Kaplan Admittedly I’ve only seen any posted information on the design itself through WoWs Gamer Blog and their page on the Lazo. I know that the ship was never officially slated for production. Though, even just glancing at it, it more resembles the Chapayev design rather than the Sverdlov-class (Kutuzov) or other ships in the tech tree.

    • +Pat The Riot Definitely looks like the Lazo is based on the Chappy design while the Irian is part of the actual Kutuzov (Sverdlov) design. Just glance at their turn radius’ to start. Lazo sporting that massive chappy turn radius while the Irian has the slightly more tame Kutu radius.

    • +Raigir And unlike Lazo, Irian was an actual ship that started as the Ordzhonikidze in the Soviet Navy but was sold in 1962.

    • A tier 7 chapayev… so a shchors then XD

      from what i can tell it’s really similar to a shchors, with more HP and 500m further range, but less torpedoes (shchors has 2 *4) but hey… 4km range so who cares.
      slightly lower AA, pretty much same concealment and maneuverability and 2 knots slower.

  8. Jaroslaw Krassowizkij

    Did someone notice that there is not much difference between shors, the T7 regular cruiser and this premium one? To be fair, it is just a stock chapaev, which is close to that anyway. I mean if all of the viewers are creaming, hell yes, I want it, just buy yourself a shors and you ahve the same ship. Lazo is as interesting a Prinz Eugen, but instead of complaining everyone praising it for a reason.
    Notser, maybe you also higlight this fact? Or why don’t you present the whole russian cruiser line if they are that interesting and amazing

    • Just a random Horse.

      Funny thing is, you can say the same about most premiums. Quite a lot are basically copies of the same tech tree ship with some slight changes… Sure you can look at them as different ships because real life , or say they’re a ship from another tier at a lower tier, but they’re still mostly the same as the existing one. Cept they’re better off than non premiums so why bother with them in the first place :p

  9. Welp, got the kutuzov, so gonna hard pass…..

  10. Where is my Alaska????????

  11. I just want to know what happened with Jean Bart.

  12. I ain’t paying $$$ for a Premium ship with a “trait” any more. I want substance for my money, not just a ‘trait’ different from a main line ship. No more copy main line ship, wiggle this a little, release as overpriced Premium. NO MORE!

    I’m thankful I got my ‘true’ premiums when they were released. KKR, Kutazov, Belfast, and everyone’s favorite cash machine, the Missouri 🙂

    • Kek, miss is literally Iowa with radar, kutuz is basically chapaev with smoke instead of radar and a bit more gun range, belfast is Edinburgh at t7 with HE and radar instead of heal. Yeah buddy your prem ships are totally not copy paste

    • Just a random Horse.

      +VAN DARKHOLME kek 2.0 I’m still waiting to see original ships that are worth getting and won’t be fucked by either mm or other same tier ships, nor be OP ……… Yeeeea

    • +Just a random Horse. well I recently got Kronshtadt and I quite enjoy it, not a piece of paper like most cruisers, good guns, however dispersion can be shitty at times

  13. Tier 8 cruiser that will be uptiered to T10 and Ranked is T10 too. Why bother? Now where is my freaking Alaska?

  14. Neither are compelling. Both will be constantly uptiered and seal clubbed in T10. Torps on neither are good. I’m NOT a fan of DWT’s. And 4km torps are practically useless.
    What’s needed far more than ANOTHER Russian cruiser, or a cruiser for a tree that doesn’t have a cruiser line, is a new RN premium cruiser. Brits haven’t had one since WG pulled the Belfast.

  15. To me:
    Lazo = not happening.
    Ariane = maybe to likely.

  16. WOWS has become very stale. It needs the graphics overhaul like WoTs engine. Immersion is needed.

    • Just a random Horse.

      Yes because who needs balance, fix the mm as to not slam tier 8 ships into mostly tier 10 battles over and over making tier 8s completely pointless at this point… who needs events that aren’t shit? who needs less RNG based bullcrap reward shit? Who needs to even play to have fun… Or why should we have operations that are possible to be done with a random team, and be possible to run on not the best hardware (Considering I get 30-40 fps , and the tier 8 Halloween event makes my laptop crumble and I can’t tell what is going on due to insanely low fps … and too many ships and lights and bullshit, it makes for a shitty event that you can’t even finish because hey, you need a good team.) … Why do any of that and more , stop copy-pasting the same tech tree ships with slight tweaks, make tier 9-10 premium that WG said at some point they won’t do (but why do that when you can make money) when you can have better graphics? Perfect , rational thinking. I like you sir.

  17. This game will end up with more Soviet ships than the Soviet Navy actually ever had!

    • Nope…this game WILL END when over 200+ ships are in the game and nobody knows anymore at WG how to balance this! It’s a common fact and a ‘trap’ that all game designers are coming to, they think by adding more and more content that the game will last…and then they wander how it comes that the game is being without players after a few years.I can list dozens of games here that are in the same situation.
      It’s already SO difficult to make the players act as a team, in the WE’s it’s almost impossible because teenagers play with chips they hardly know. Many players already avoind playing tin the WE becuase of this.
      I’m not spending any more money on this game becaus the balance is now already gone with cruisers that can fire-up a BB from 25KM away, nicely hidden behind an island so also impossible to aim and shoot the bastard :-).etc. etc…
      It’s so sad that even @Notser is being so ‘robotic’ in his reviews that this is for me also not longer a reference, there is no more END 2 END view on the players behalf.
      And in the end …what’s the use of a game if the player is, like me, very frustrated by the never ending bunch of ‘new’ content without itself making the game more balanced and enjoyable! No joy…no play, it’s so basic and so much forgotten by companies like WG!

    • If the Soviets ever get a BB line that will be true with that line alone, lol.

    • This game will turn into a watery World of Tanks minus premium ammunition. Japanese ships will be forever neglected like the infamous German tanks, Swedish aircraft carriers will have the strangest gimmick and Polish battleships will only be outcompeted by their Russian equivalents.

    • +Peter So very true. I was in Closed Beta, bought the Yubari, an excellent AA cruiser, and once open beta was on, they nerfed it and nerfed it more with every patch. No compensation, nothing, want your money back? Fuck you, we’ve spent it on vodka and potatoes! And just to add salt into the wounds, they make legendary ships meh, whilst glorious paper ships can be O/P. Balance? Do they test their work? I suspect not. Belfast. Kutozov, Gremy? No longer on sale, because O/P. But I bet they will be on sale one day, when sales are down, for a silly price. Just like Pzkw IIJ in WoT. Mean while I’ll try to have fun with what I’ve got.


  18. MK too strong?
    I thought they no longer sell it because due to the “fire from smoke nerf” and the “last known position marker” combined with the “shell impact marker on map” the intended gameplay no longer exists.

  19. Where is my freaking Jean Bart, Bourgogne, Alaska…??? they should stop this …and finally release some ships

  20. THe Irian seems realy interesting… HuangHe also got torpreloadbooster.. this leads to some interessting gameplay

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