7.12 PTS Premium Preview – World of Warships

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Discuss the premiums that will be up for testing when 7.12 comes to the live client. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Im asking myself when there will be a T9 Premium german ship? Its sad that the germans are creeping behind in every WG game. 🙁

    • charliedontsurf334

      +IMMA EDIT THAT OUT Please no. Ships like that are just silly. The German Admiralty (or whatever it was called) though the same thing.

    • アドミラルヒッパー

      German navy<french<

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Red Salamander I was talking about a BB like Musashi/Missouri actually That is no way a cruiser indeed that is why I say a H class project which, as you know, are ingame as Friederich the Great A and B hulls Also, the German BC tree you ask is done on the English UK forum Made It myself with some friends I was hoping Notser could give us a shoutout I can share the link here if you want

    • ​+Alex Ashton There’s one obvious Tier 9 option of a German premium. The Hipper-class cruisers Seydlitz and Lützow were originally intended to have 4×3 150mm guns. A Prinz Eugen hull with the same guns as on Nürnberg, with the same 6 second reload, is definitely Tier 9 material.

    • That’s true. But then look at the Italians, we should’ve gotten them long ago

  2. Notser you need to look at the viribus units armor to get a full opinion.

  3. Where is Wichita? All the other ones teased with her are now out!

  4. Yahagi needs some buff I think. 10 sec reload is extremely unacceptable for a cruiser with only 6 guns(Even with a better reload, T6 panasia CL with its 7s reload is also trash)… And the concealment can be buffed a little more too since its armor is no way near that of furutaka.

    • It is historically correct as 10 seconds reload, because these guns were Kongo’ secondary guns pretty outdated. I feel it may get gun reload booster consumable as game balance method.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      The T6 Pan Asian CL is based on Leander but with HE shells & “moving” smoke. It has faster reload than Leander which can only shoot AP. Buffing it further would make it a solid no-radar Belfast since the fire chance is fairly high at 12% now.

    • I might think they are going for where the torpedoes are the main damage dealers, as was historically the case for the design of these ships: the thinking behind its design was that although it had a light gun armament, it was only in a secondary role to the heavy torpedo armaments, meant for night actions with the famed “long lance” torpedoes.

    • 10 seconds is the historically correct reload for Yahagi’s guns. My suggestion would be giving her ASM0 like on Yubari (another low-DPM cruiser), and torpedo reload booster consumable. Just like many IJN DDs, the Agano-class CLs were designed for rapid torp reload.

  5. Notser. The Neutratwhatever is a dessendant of the Ognevoi. The Soviet during early Cold War developed a whole family of DD class that is based on Ognevoi gun layout. ( And also the one WG promised for a long time ago) 😉

    Wish she is a tech tree ship. Since she’s one of the design that actually exist ( The USSR built a bunch lot of them). But……. I think the techtree one maybe the Kotlin instead. ( Some Russian player tell me that since Neutratwhatever is too expensive to mass production they go for the Kotlin, or Project 58 instead) 😉

    • With Neustrashimy at T9, the Grozovoi line would be a consistent one. Pity they did not introduce the ship at the line split. Problem is, there would be one ship too many (either Udaloi or Tashkent). I guess Neustrashimy will be coal/FreeXP so I should get going on the FreeXP farming …

    • +Lubos Soltes was about to say, if it was introduced with the line split, the whole line would actually be consistent (albeit grozovoi shifts from torp-biased to gun-biased hybrid). I better get farming too as my favourite and second favourite ships are Harekaze and Grozo sooooooo…a grozo with almost Harekaze concealment sounds like a fun time to me.

    • +Lubos Soltes They could (and should) have just transformed Udaloi into a Tier 9 FXP premium, which people who already own the Udaloi could just keep for free.

      I’d also say that Ognevoi should be moved the hell back down to Tier 6 (the pre-split version was balanced enough down there), with Smeliy at Tier 7 and Spokoiny (Kotlin class) Tier 8. Spokoiny would basically be a lower-HP but slightly faster Neustrashimy, but minus the heal and Tier 9 upgrade slot, and with concealment nerfed to fit the tier better.

    • +RedXlV I don’t have a problem with Ognevoi at T8 unless you get into a T10 game, the torps simply do too little damage there …. but other than that, I do fully agree !!!

  6. I hope azuma will be coal ship.

  7. Hi, Notser If u r seeing this I am a big fan. A suggestion: watch Drachiniefel to brush up on Naval History

  8. None of them really impressed me, just waiting for the Alaska.

  9. The folded things on the Leone are shade covers for the deck. Operating in the Mediterranean with no AC they need all the shade they could get.

  10. wow that t5 jap is gonna be like yubari

  11. the Russian dd looks so good as in visually appealing

  12. Archduke Ferdinand, a better love story than Twilight. Seriously, look into. He chose true love over royalty and nobility. Distanced by his families but his death was used as the excuse to start a war.

  13. Lion in French is leon, not Lyon, which is a city 🙂

    The Azuma looks very interesting!

  14. Noster, on the Italian DD, that is not a folded sail. This was a ship that lived in the Mediterranean Sea, sun drenched. In order to prevent the deck from overheating and cooking the crew inside, the canvas would fold out on each side, like a tent, and create a Sun Shade.

    Now ya know, carry on.


    • CCs don’t have clearance to play these ships yet. It’s look but don’t touch until Wargaming says otherwise.

    • Pretty much what Red mentioned. We only have clearance to talk and showcase the ship in port. However, we cannot play the ship just yet. We’re waiting for WG to give us the green light 🙂

  16. Viribus Unitis means “With United Forces”, was the personal motto of Emperor Franz Joseph. Also yes its in Latin

  17. Thankfully Azuma doesnt come with radar so no need to worry about steel farming to be able to do competitive…

  18. A bit disappointed in this video. I wish you tried to go into greater detail on the ships. You forgot entirely about the armor of the ships you covered, which is an incredibly strong feature of the Viribus Unitis and arguably a weak point of the Yahagi. Then you skipped over the speed of the Leone, a _terrible_ 34kn, one of the lowest in its tier. You actually called it “good” in the video, which I assume was an unintentional slip-up.
    Overall, not the most helpful video. It felt rushed and incomplete. I get that you need to conform to YouTube’s grueling 10~20min-video-per-day algorithm, this is just my feedback. Hope you understand, love ya Notser <3

  19. 0:30 Viribus Unitis (means : With United Forces)
    2:44 Yahagi
    4:47 Leone
    7:45 Neustrashimy
    10:03 Azuma

  20. 00:42 I gues you missed that Germany got dragged into WW1 by the AustroHungarian Empire? 😉

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