7.12 Release and Lunar New Year – World of Warships

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Discussing 7.12 patch notes, Unique Pan-Asian Commanders, and Lunar New Year 2019. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. If there will ever be 9.11 will they skip it :P?

    Dont hate me I wont care.

    • +Ryan P Actually, the Rising Sun is offensive to countries like Korea and China who suffered under IJA occupation during WW2. The Japanese Self-Defence Force still uses the Rising Sun as its’ emblem

    • General Cartman Lee

      +Juan Andrés Méndez However in WoT the patch after 9.10 was supposed to be 10.0 “Rubicon” which got completely cancelled.

    • Assumed it was a reference to a car.

    • They removed the Swastika for a good reason. It is forbidden here in Germany 😉

    • General Cartman Lee

      +Alexander Gehret Not completely forbidden, it is forbidden for certain uses. In a historical context you can use the Swastika and there are even two computer games using the Swastika. But those are more serious games.
      Pure entertainment games are still problematic and when I think about the two or three matches Day of Defeat I played I know why…

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    Does ARP Takao matters in the event? It is a special ship, but not a premium one :v

  3. You can earn so much steel in the Christmas season!!! I really like that the low tier premiums can get you coal which makes them worth a bit more.

  4. Notser

    Will this update give us the Christmas horn? HO HO HO. Love this horn.

  5. I love that they’re giving us stuff to do but with the holidays upon us, I’m tied up with real life tasks that are not conducive to WOWS schedule, lol. Guess I’ll be playing catch up in the late shift.

    I’m not a fan that the PEF campaign requires the PEF to start, so if you’re going free route (earning the PEF from the 4th directive after Jan 10) then you’ll have a few weeks to finish the Mighty Prinz campaign (Jan 22) and the Nerves of Steel missions (Jan 25). Depending on what the campaign tasks are, that could be a little tight in January. I understand they’re doing this to encourage ppl to buy the PEF if you can’t play as much as a free player is required. Expect to see TONS of PEF’s running around in the coming weeks, just for these campaigns or missions since Nerves of Steel grants 2019 steel.

    Steel Monsters campaign must be bought from the premium store and you have 180 days to finish it (plenty of time). With rewards including the new WS prem time, 4000 steel, and lootboxes, this will probably cost a pretty penny. I don’t know the price yet.

    Always up for unique commanders. I can give my Loyang a decent commander and more attention (long overdue because events have taken most of my attention from the PA line)

    Snowflake event will encourage using ships I’ve largely moved on from, just for that coal or steel. They really want to reward premium ships since T8-10 = 200 steel while tech tree T9 = 50 and T10 = 100 steel only. At least we can just complete these in co-op to make it go faster.

  6. 1 guinnea = 100000 miserly stingy

  7. “but that makes it look like you have no accuracy bonus” … like every shot ever fired from a German BB?

  8. Those lunar camos are hideous to me… and I have zero desire for WG to make more of those off the wall camos… I would love for them to balance it and do like they did for some
    Of RN line and additional historic based camos… BUT —- I LOVE that WG makes these for people that do love them and also allows me to NOT see them for those of us that hate them. It’s a fair trade to be something for everyone

    My single gripe is I wish they would add historic based variance ones as much as they spend time adding these crazy one.

    • I think it’s mostly the fact they’re trying to test the waters and see if these sell well. Making the actual historical camos tends to be a lot easier since they don’t require adding anything to the models usually and instead just changing patterns. These tend to be a marketable draw with people who’ve an eye for more off the rails sort of things and I personally prefer it over shitting out overpowered premiums like World of Tanks. Glad you can also see the benefit of them! A lot of people just shun content like this without considering the greater benefits it brings.

    • TheBaralinChannel my only issue is the lack of content though on the historic side for people like me who don’t benefit from outlandish after outlandish after outlandish camos… even a 2:1 release would be awesome…

      But yes, it’s great those that like can have and those that hate can turn it off so it’s never on our screens…

  9. Looks like I will be playing a lot of coop this Christmas!

  10. So still no Alaska ?

  11. Holy shit. The Irian got a Hindu-Austronesian themed Camo!!!!! *Indonesia Raya intensifies*

    Though I kinda feel bad about the garuda on the bow. Because the Papuans/Irians don’t really have that in their culture

  12. Even if I had a premium pan asian ship, I wouldn’t spend money on these camos because of the high amount of red and yellow in them. I think it fits the theme but they aren’t for me. Though the Irian camo looks nice.

  13. Notser. I am 99% up to date with all my collectables, but only have “Battle of the north cape” outstanding with four left, will they bring out containers to complete this as we are approaching another new year. I know you can buy other collectable containers for coal to complete a few other collections (From what I can see) but can you not get them for North cape. If I have missed something by all means please enlighten me.

  14. A Prussian flag! sign me up.

  15. I hope they soon make some more ordinary camo patterns. All these ‘fantastic’ schemes look great…as graffiti, but I’d much prefer a more natural look (takes from real life) or something similar to the black friday camo.

  16. Dasha…. nope=====> RIOT!

  17. Too bad what I wanted for Christmas was USS Alaska…

  18. Also all these beautiful Asian Camos, meanwhile Des Moines, Salem, Cleveland, and Baltimore all have literally the same America camoflage

  19. 10:21

  20. If only they would make premium time for when you are actually online.
    Most folks only get to play a few hours each day after work, Rest of the 24 hour period is wasted so it’s not really worth it.
    How many would buy premium time if it was calculated by the amount you play, Not just a permanent countdown timer that ticks when offline.
    Even if they raise the price slightly to make up for it, I am sure many would start buying premium.

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