8 Kills 326k Damage with Des Moines || World of Warships

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  1. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd

    How can you be soooooo good at this game?????

  2. First cometary.
    To begin with, I saw the whole battle, and I’m not really sure what to think, since I find this captain more or less like a Des Moines player slightly above average, given that he managed to hit a large amount of damage to the enemies on a map commonly referred to as “Tears of all non-French or Japanese cruisers”, and also because of the fact that it was exposed a little too much to enemy fire and potential damage by enemy capital ships towards the middle of the battle.
    In a few words, a very interesting game and a captain intelligent enough to have respect or fear …
    Postscript: 5:34, how can a cruise captain be “foolish” enough to stop in a half battle like that under enemy fire when his ship has a paper armor?

  3. Kratos Snk Espanglish

    gameplay of iowa, next :’3

  4. 5:10 does he use Expert loader ?
    its very fast

  5. i would love to play my des moines like that every match aswell, with no one targetting me for half of the match cruisers only on the side where i am and no bbs that can lolpen me ( and yeah in 2018 people still use SE on des moines :facepalm: )

  6. he played right and the opponents played wrong, thats all.
    opponents destroyers exposed themselves in the middle without cover,
    all sank fast without firing much.
    even enemy cruisers like the one in 5:15 and 9:00 were both fully exposed to everyone.

  7. Russian Bias always protect.

    It could be 10 kills 😛

  8. Lol! De moine ap does more dmg to an angled Bismarck than Bismarck ap does on an angled de moine ?

  9. Fantastic positioning and shell type discipline! Good replay

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