8 Kills, 328k damage Montana game World of Warships

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  1. Uchuu senkan Montaaaanaaaa

  2. Wow that was pretty good I’m giving it a like

  3. Montana is a landlocked state.

  4. 4:21 OH DARN. Shoot at a Cleveland as Des Moines appears.

    That kinda works out 40 seconds later at 5:01.

  5. Made it to Rank 5 this season in the first weekend, saw Dastert was there, didn’t played ranked until he ranked out. On my team, win. On other team, loss. Dude is legit.

  6. 20:00 “don’t run, you just die tired”. 20:19: “nah, I need the exercise”

  7. If montana had massachusetts kind of secondaries..it would have been the best t10 battleship?

    • I though American tier10 would be has radar like the real ship.

    • +PH 5555 yeah ..at least they would have given it something it can be special about it …
      yamato is big guns very good secondaries,
      gk has huge healthpool big guns excellent secondaries
      Republique has fast velocity guns, excellent secondaries and aa system

      Conquerer is decent 🙂 , flame thrower from hell and difficult to citadel it

      Montana…..best aa system in t10 battleship not good for a slug fest so ..:P

    • +henry sensei Montana has the highest alpha damage among t10 battleships.

    • +jay Vee yeah it does its good ship but just it needs something …the legendary modules are just meh… not worth removing its concealment ?

    • +henry sensei I think Montana does not need gimmicks for now. For average players it may not shine as other t10 battleships but if used smartly by a smart player it is deadly.

  8. Those 3 dev strikes in a row gave me a stiffy

  9. ガーニディア

    i always get citidel on the bow and whats frustrating the Dispersion but still fun to play with the montana 🙂

  10. *Applause* Well Done

  11. American sniper

  12. MUUURICA! But is that a Monty with Range mod and no CExpert ? WTF is this config?

  13. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    Ahhh good old Monti , my first t10 and i still love her

  14. Eeeyyyy Dastert. Great game dude, that is how you play a monty! o7 from SUCIT

  15. The Full Monty…

  16. Nice to see a Montana using 27km module ?? people would Say u will have more dispersion no that change nothing 4:58 i played 4k battle and it’s awsome ? to use 27km believe me

  17. Wow I would love to have that kind of dispersion once a game xD

  18. 15:48
    Musashi: What happened to my HP bar?

    Montana: Lucky me.

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