8 Kills in the ROYAL Thunderer || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. He starts fires with AP?????What the hell??

  2. And even after that monster score, he still ended up second best of his team! lol

  3. 24’3 km of range!! This ship is a sniper hahaha

  4. And Iowa more XP? Vao!

  5. You pick IFHE??

  6. 7:14 IFHE ??

    Edit : Wait he isn’t pick IFHE :O

  7. That double fire quad incap.. D:

  8. Shell tracking bug is finally fixed! Happy about dat

  9. 17:43 “+1 Thundercock”…….welp, i know what my new gamer tag is gonna be 🙂

  10. Copyright Free Soundtrack

    8 deaths and came second

  11. why HE spam is toxic and overmatching AP is not?

    • HE spam is toxic because in case of Thunderer you are blapping even a battleship for 9-11K per HE salvo accompanied by at least one fire. AP damage provides opportunities for angling and one can heal the damage as well unless it’s a devastating strike. And to be honest, battleships firing HE are annoying. Which means you have to deal with HE spamming, DDs, HE spamming cruisers and HE spamming BBs. Uffffffffff.

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