81kts Torps – Shimakaze – Kraken || World of Warships

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  1. Shima is my favorite DD in WOWS. Thank u for upload this!

  2. Less ADHD on the cameras pls. Holy crap. Other than that…ballsy player

  3. schönes Video. Hoffe dein Internet geht wieder. Bis zum nächsten Stream…

  4. You must have balls to play shima with 8 km torps and captain perk reducing torp range.
    Edit: where is “lol gay” guy?

  5. Omg that nightmarish vertigo inducing zooming!

  6. Horrible with all the zooming in and out

  7. 4:12 It tells why 81kt isn’t worthy to choose.
    If you choose 67kt, you could launch torps without revealing your place and those will reach also line8.
    And 3 hits of 15 is not that much against BB.

  8. Next Level… This guy is frightening

  9. And? No radar Cas… No daring with hydro close, no gearing with 5.6 concealment to counter. Easy game this is

  10. Somoko dyenkai kandihou

  11. I did that exact build, and got a solo warrior as well as 1st blood and krackin unleashed

  12. if you didnt get your shima-fix you’re dead inside

  13. High risk, high reward gameplay. Very enjoyable.

  14. that fifth kill was witchcraft

  15. You utter madman!

  16. The v-25 of TX 😀

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