84K salvo with 8 x 15″ guns? || World of Warships

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4K salvo with 8 x 15" guns? || World of Warships">

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  1. What Skill and Modules are used?

  2. actually this one is interesting because this isnt some RNGesus detonation

  3. sturmpanzerwagen A7V

    A citadel per gun brings buckets of fun

  4. That is some ridiculous penetration! :-O

  5. 8×15 are very much capable of one Salvo a yamato or mushashi. Up close the side plating of those ships are just as hard as butter.

  6. Is he stock or what because I think he can upgrade the HP up.

  7. That Musashi literally got slaughtered

  8. Lol of course it was against a Musashi.

  9. Man i did the slow down at the point of fire(which you did). 71k before that broadside…155 after…every… shell…nailed it! You make it look like old hat man…have you ever experience that before or even close to that result?

  10. hey mejash is in the gaem haha

  11. Omae wa mou

  12. Hmm, a naked Myoko using RPF rather than Concealment….a real winner that one.

  13. Is always nice to see BB load HE for the first few salvos, and fire at dds…So many just dont even try to fire on them.

  14. Without watching you can already guess what ship got devastated by 84k by a JB.

  15. And again a player who scroll with mouse……headache incoming?

  16. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    400 coal thet I ll got JB… is She worthy to this price?? Sigma values? penetration? I think Hp pool is low…

  17. Michael Søndergaard

    why not use sector reinforcement? is the AA so good in T9-10 that its pointless?

  18. They should really fix the replay scope in scope out to a smooth one

  19. Was hoping for rage chat

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