9 kill open water RADAR Minotaur || World of Warships

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  1. Sailing. Respect.

  2. Error 404 ” Enemy team not found “

  3. Omgwtflmaololrotfl

    Enemy team must have been blind. If I get detected in my Mino for that long it’s goodbye. No speed up or down and ruddershift will save you. Any decent battleship will sink you in no time.

    Enemy team must have been 3 year old blind people playing

    • Bradley Radziewicz

      Aint that the truth. I feel like all these videos are games of enemy teams being absolutely retarded. I never get this lucky with teams, as it is always my team that is retarded.

    • That’s why they could make a decent replay and send it to panzerknacker

  4. WOW this Minotaur has 18.3km firing range, must take the increase firing range equipment

  5. 72 hp gg ^^

  6. Excellent.

  7. This is a miracle

  8. Huge cojones

  9. Андрей Хромушкин

    ТВою мать! какой же он молодец!

  10. Let’s just forget how terrible the enemy team is. It is simply insane that he dares going open water.

  11. That poor Bismarck.

  12. Panzer is the best anyway

  13. Someone's Youtube Username

    I would have killed the Minotaur at around 1:23

  14. Ja man so Spielt man die Mino
    Hat sich die Punkte sehr gut verdient ohne zu Campen
    bin Hell begeistert ^^

  15. Minotaur ratatatatatatatatata

  16. Kids, please don’t do that at home!

  17. What a madlad for using the range mod for 18.3km range. I much prefer the reload mode but thats personal preference

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