9 kill solo warrior Udaloi carry || World of Warships

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  1. Udaloi bullying enemy ships.

    mean while at 15:25
    Lightning: Rip me.

  2. 124k high caliber in t9 game ???

    • Because its top tier and many DDs. High caliber and confederate get calculatet on all the enemie teams health combined. If there are many DDs, you wont need that much dmg.

  3. this feels awkward, Algerie and Atlanta crusers were not able to focus down a singe dd. a dd that was shooting and beeing spotted all the time

  4. Fuso/Yamashiro in endscreen 🙂

  5. Agressive little one! 🙂

  6. Good grief! On my best day I would not want to run across this guy!

  7. You are the realy warrior

  8. So.fantastic play

  9. Does this game low on online player?

  10. Khonomamadeva hyuwara syenai.

  11. commit self deletus

    He would’ve been better off filling that broadside Algeria with AP than HE

  12. Gannicus Notorious

    Agressive and fast

    Typical Russian style

  13. Jaromír Šťastný


  14. I don’t know the traditions of the Soviet navy, but they should ration the vodka to the gunners. Hitting only 25% of the shots fired would have sunk the opposing team

  15. muhammad ridwanullah

    Weeb power
    Slav boat

  16. иван иванов


  17. why the toilet tiles paint scheme on the turrets?

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