9 kills – 2315 base xp and loosing – Minotaour || World of Warships

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  1. Wrong screens results :S

  2. Loosing? Minotaour?!

  3. Wrong screens results SORRY – you can check them here: https://replayswows.com/replay/18659#stats

  4. Err….wrong score pic…

  5. Lets get them u chaps

  6. Had a mino game where I got 251k dm, kraken plus a few, 2200k base, and lost cause a monty wanted to farm challenges somewhere on the 1 line

  7. Wow Panzer I thought you were immune from having a Jingles moment. Hehehe. That Minotaour player did everything he could to win that game but some times the fail bucket overflows and drowns you… His game play was awesome loosing sucks but that match would have been over 10 minutes ago without him on that team.

  8. Undescribable-

  9. Stopped watching halfway through due to main player being such a poor sport. Why in the world do you keep showcasing such low-quality, scum of the Earth players?

    • The Macker yea blame the only player who play the objective, don’t blame WG for the stupid weekend challenge for torpedo damage and hit, players don’t give a f@ck about the team and play only for damage, i think you are THIS kind of player, i m salty like this guy in game if people do idiot stuff, especially in operation where the 5 stars is so easy but no i go where i feel, I don’t understand the objective, i don’t care for this “idiot” teammate which play the objective so i can get the 5 stars, same in randoms players with under 50%win ratio do stupid things and players with 55%+ get f@cked, that is my opinion

  10. that team tho … Great job – 3 caps in a criuser was enough in my mind

  11. killed all 5 dd and his team mate could not get anyone head…
    pretty pity.

  12. Pro player but noob teammates

  13. Actually Minotaur has the best torpedo

  14. team killer Khaba was on the 3rd. says it all about his team

  15. at 6,00 when one friendly DD starts shooting other one… /facepalm

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