9 KILLS ALSACE 270K DMG CARRY || World of Warships

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  1. Starting to like the Alsace, and had a good, but very close game. At the end our CV got killed by their shima, and we were 2 in a div against it, Lex and a republique. We were both low. Got into a close quarter with the BB when i spotted the CV at 13km. Used my front guns at the CV for 22k and went for the ram. It was enough to tip us over 1000p. ? got 180K

  2. Alasce best T9?

  3. nice patience at the end


    very good result, very average player!! you`ll notice good players always looking around to see the situation, not following their shells all the time. not criticising just a little advice for future

  5. Playing Alsace like Mickael jackson reversing ?? 5:00 to 8:50

  6. hello panzer what is the intro song pls

  7. Coupla things – top tier bully / win denial bully. Tarpeeade prema slavorto.

  8. WTF ???? I thought this was a cruiser ?

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