9 Kills and 1.4 Second Reload —— World of Warships

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  1. Swiss Army Knight

    Adrenaline rush optimized in four minutes. Well played.

  2. 284 HP remaining with just 1 kill and 16 mins left on game clock . That title must be wrong!


  3. Kostas Mantoudis1966


  4. How were you able to heal? You had smoke, engine boost, and torpedo CD reduction. Just wondering cause I would love to do it too!

  5. justin boudreau

    Damn… this video just helped me decide what ship to upgrade to next lol. Had to decide between a few. Lacking in the credits department haha. What build are you using?

    • justin boudreau on my Haragumo I have priority target, preventive maintenance, last stand, survivability expert, ifhe, working on concealment expert. I had to give it up temporarily for ifhe too get any damage with the 100mm guns. I love the gun boat destroyers . I hope that this helps you.

  6. Bradley Taniguchi

    dds complain about cvs, and radar being op. Then games like this happen when there are no radar or planes XD

  7. Wow…great video and very well played!

  8. More DAKKA

  9. Whem i see 1,4 seconds , i am sure! Is Harugumo 100%.

    • Yeah wait for Friesland it gets 1, 4 sec reload without Adrenalin Rush

    • Aleksej Orolicki

      @Killertomate I can already see the tears of the battleship captains versing Pan-European DD’s…(Incl. me)
      (Greatest annoyances of battleship captains so far: Atlanta, Flint, Seattle, Worchester, Neptune, Minotaur and basically all Japanese and Pan-Asian DD’s either because of their eggstreme fire-rate or because of their insane torpedo damage values…)

  10. Another prime example of why you always finish them off lol

  11. Doomsday Machine

    Thats why wows is going down, same like wot.

    • Dropping T6 DDs into T8 matches with 2 T8 CVs and RADAR ships consistently will result in a lot of players dropping WoW. As it is now about every 5th game is fair and enjoyable. I’ve been playing the lower tiers more often, when I even bother to play at all.

  12. Captain : “Get inside, it’s going to rain”

  13. xAgentOfChaos_87

    Last ship would of been like “dude wtf”

  14. Nikos Papanikolaou

    The reload is 1,8 sec….

  15. Where was the 1.4 second reload???? Looks like 1.9

    • watch the last quarter of the video. The captain’s special ability activated after sinking musashi and got a passive reload boost

  16. malisimo rejunte de videos, teniendio nada de vida a los 8 minutos y a los 7 de repente media vida!! engaño total!

  17. Lol border humping Colorado.

  18. 델타전사오혜성


  19. Well played man but that’s one of the 2-3 most utterly ridiculous ships in the game.

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