9 Kills – Des Moines – World of Warships

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  1. that player name 😛 GG Sir – send him more enemy!

  2. [OP] Knows how to play Desmoines 😛

  3. I prefer Moskva over Des Moines to be honest, non the less its a powerful ship.

  4. Seriously, are these bots? If I play this map in my Des I get focused sooo hard. No one was shooting this guy. Well played by him though

  5. 13:11 . aiming at kutuzov’s superstucture. lol

  6. You’re si good !!! Evry Time i see your last vid i can’t believe you’re becoming better and better

  7. Nice game. Love his patience holding fire.

  8. Natthaphong Wongwai


  9. Another lesson on the use of Ap and HE. Well played: Calm and use head.

  10. No High Caliber either. He’s a noob. JK

  11. i love my des. i nust had had a game 220k and did not make nearly as much money.
    i dont care what people.say its way better than hini

  12. main battery mod 3 or Gun fire control mod 2? what thing Des should upgarade?

  13. if i play like him, i would be killed at the beginning. enemy too noob.

  14. How many times was his ship broadside to the enemy?

  15. Very intelligent play:

    – Disengages when needed (makes use of concealment)
    – Uses relaod instead of range
    – Very good aim even at guessing shots
    – Switches ammo frequently
    – Is always changing course and speed
    – Nice torp dodges

  16. the wg-sponsored-all can pen-at any distances-des moines always target no 1 for me

  17. Des Moines is a beast of a cruiser in the right hand’s

  18. Yawn … enemy were Bots !!!

  19. How could I set this voice of captain

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