9 Kills || Fujin – World of Warships

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Player: Thraxian
Map: Big Race

User Description:

After I got the Kraken, I was looking at the medals and stats on the screen and missed seeing the last set torps coming my way like a total noob. Took one and only had 1300 hp left. Managed to 4 more enemies before the end the match.

Kudos to our (HomTanks87), who clinched the enemy cap to stop their cap points and allowed us to win by just a few points.

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  1. Hey Pash, did you receveive a Montana replay ?

  2. thanks for vid panzer

  3. Mein replay sieht gegen die letzten 3 replays alt aus :(

  4. Dass sie fast verlieren weil sie nicht wissen dass durch cap der
    Punktezugewinn gestoppt wird. Warum fahren meine Gegner nie geradeaus und
    weinen nicht über op torps? :(

  5. I could see myself having this game many times: 2:43, 3:24, 5:04, 8:26 and
    8:27, 10:04, 12:55, 14:27, and 16:48. All me.

  6. LoL that guy tried to shoot the torpedoes with his main guns, that should
    work they should allow you to shoot torpedoes man

  7. “Torps are stupid and overpowered”… maybe this tier 4/5 retard is onto
    something after all this time!?! Turns out torpedoes are for noobs! Maybe
    pressing the A or D key now and then might help

  8. Does anybody know what music was used at the start?

  9. Torpedoes are OP. You’re bad…lol

  10. that guy at the end complaining about torps made me want to kms

  11. was hat der bei 10:00 versucht? die torpedos ausm wasser zu schießen? XD

  12. I had a 8 kill run in my Derzki. Still have replay, Screen Shots and
    recording. But older version of game.

  13. it was really sad that the torpedoing skill of this player just doesn’t
    deserve those kills. and mostly ks with guns
    i did this damage with my umikaze too, but only 6 kills and it was a lower
    tier battle (which means that this replay is just some ks bs)

  14. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    They didnt nerf the torpedo speed on the fujin, Kamikaze R…did they?

  15. I wonder how many reports this guy got for this game. lol

  16. heh, so a killer stealer, a shitty player and a shit talker gets featured.

  17. Great intro!

  18. Gareth Fairclough

    LOL, the salt in chat!
    “Ermagerd, torps are op!”
    “Ermagerd, op ship and 15 point captain is op!”
    “Ermagerd, seal clubbers!” etc.

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