9 Kills in Musashi || World of Warships

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  1. Confused Blue Dragon

    Isoroku Yamamoto + Yamato/Musashi + Kraken = *God Mode Activated!*

  2. this thing still to scary at tier 9 battle and very surprising enemy cv did’nt attack the Musashi first so this will gona be happened

  3. Nice game. Harekaze really left him out to dry and I don’t know why the Akizuki didn’t move in and murder that Leningrad earlier. Oh well easy to critique replays. The chat was certainly a shit show though; love all the recriminations flying around on the enemy team lol.

  4. what skills did he use on the commander? I have musashi, and it’s too short to get yamamoto.

    • my build for Musashi is as follows: DCP Mod 1, DCS mod 1, AS mod 1, DCS mod 2, CS mod 1, MB mod 3. Currently 16 pt Yamamoto (which is my Yamato captain) #1 PM, #2 EM, AR, #3 SI, #4 FP, CE, my last 3 will be either BS or PT and HA. hope this helps you out.

  5. 180K dmg received…jesus

  6. That first shot @@

  7. The dispersion on that last shot was incredible at 29km!! I couldn’t believe what I was watching! He only sent one poor salvo the entire game.

  8. Slow turrets or not, a 14sec reload with 460’s is ridiculous at T9

  9. Jesus, that all chat is straight cancer

    • I was about to say “if you don’t like it, turn it off”, but holy crap you’re right. Not even 5 mins in and it’s awful :O

  10. LOL dirty kill steal…I mean effective kill securing!

  11. Absolute madman

  12. He spammed HE ate the Yugumo. DON’T FIRE HE!!!!! YOU DON’T NEED TO!!!!! According to iChaseGaming, anyway.

  13. I think he did very well, at least lead ahead as a BB.
    Also, it’s very rare to see a BB across all three bases around the map.

  14. thanks for featuring it

  15. really great close fight vs 2 destroyers!

  16. Wie bitte kann er sich denn wieder so sehr reparieren und das obwohl die Repair Zeit schon abgelaufen ist?
    Oder war das ein Video bug?

  17. Kancu shimashta…

  18. God he makes it look so easy…..

  19. @0:36

    I suppose Bones doesn’t like Wang Chung, then?

  20. Ooohohohohohoho! Nice first salvo there! 😀
    Very magnanimous of that Atlanta as well, after the fact. It’s nice when folks are like that.

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