9 kills in the Mass after a crappy morning || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. 2nd comment

  2. Uchuu senkan Maaasaaachuuusetttsss

  3. hope your day gets better amazing game grüße aus brandenburg

  4. You were versing a bunch of retards honestly. I was watching seeing just how much broadside they were giving, generally said to myself ‘REALLY?’… However you were also rather Lucky, the Position of the enemy CV was perfect for the picking but also there were so many times with Torps I was like ‘BRACE FOR IMPACT’ and then they fell short. Also, those DD enemies if they were compitent I believe might have had you on the ropes being around those items. Well played regardless.

  5. BIG brother in T8 match, little brother in T10 match.

  6. Top tier in one of the most powerful T8 BBs available and a potato div on the other side…what can possibly go wrong?

  7. Good one carrier, attack the Atlanta… next to an USN battleship, known to have good aa… Gets Darwin award for almost the first to get killed anyway.

  8. In azur lane is very cuuuteeeeeee

  9. Your day is going to get even crappier if you don’t stop playing World of Tanks music in your videos. ?

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