9 Kills Letter of Marque – World of Warships

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Player: houseusss
9 Kills in the royal british tier 6 CL

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  1. eae parceiro otimo video sou brazileiro gosto dos seus videos valeu te
    mais!!! tambem jogo o world of warships mais no serve eropeu nick fiao!!!

  2. This is the weirdest gameplay lol. It’s like the guy was totally clueless,
    yet insanely lucky. It had the appearance that he just stumbled into great
    situations over and over again perfect for nabbing kills while rarely being
    hit himself. He had enemies randomly popping up behind him at point blank
    range, while he desperately just shot who he could to avoid dying, he was
    dangerously stuck in one little pass with no real escape route for most of
    the game while he struggled to even shoot over an island, then ships were
    giving him broadside all the time, he blind torps into smoke and sinks a
    Bayern, he ignored capping C for no apparent reason and only got one cap
    because he went through B and seemingly got it inadvertently, etc etc.

    I know he’s actually a skilled player though because his stats are fuckin
    good, so idk what to make of this.

    Hilarious to watch, but baffling too. I’ve never had a game this good in
    Leander so maybe this guy’s “drunken boxer” style is onto something haha.

  3. 76k damage = 9kills, never has there been such an epic display of kill
    stealing!:) gotta to be in the right place to take the shot I guess, well

  4. le bot invisible XD

  5. such a good gameplays that shows all the skill that the typical rat
    stealkiller has

  6. dat rage

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