9 Kills Montana Thriller || World of Warships

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  1. First and first time I comment first (feel so dumb ..)

  2. Nice gameplay

  3. would’ve liked to see that Worcester’s replay

  4. Kratos Snk Espanglish


  5. Veeery good, clean fight. No broadside morons, no squad. Good decisions. No cheap damage

  6. Awesome camo dude

  7. Wow! With its last breath, our Montana took out the near-full health enemy BB. Still lost (on points) though.

  8. That ending. What a shame it was a loss.

  9. did you seen the xp of enemy teams worster?

  10. Next time launch some sets of torpedoes onto the crowded areas of enemies

  11. Shortest scout plane flight ever.

  12. Goes down like a boss

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