9 Kills – Welcome to Cruiser town! World of Warships

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  1. Almost a 10 kills 😛

  2. Sir Realist the Pun

    “Carnage in Cruiser Town”

    Like Trouble in Terrorist Town, but in WoWs

  3. when you are green, you are the Hulk

  4. James Henderson

    Reach out and touch somebody.

    Somebody who go boom.

    Nine times.

  5. Hey!Don’t shoot!Save it for the Bayern!

  6. How he shot so long range with secondaries?

    • module “secondaries-mod 2” +20% range, signal flag “Mike Yankee Soxosix” +5% range, captain-skill “advanced firing training” +20% range. At a base range of 5km you should get to 7.25km secondaries range after those modifications…

  7. Wish the enemy ships that I play against would sail broadside as much as the enemy ships in this video did. LOL

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