9 Medal Massachusetts with 240k dmg || World of Warships

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  1. The only times I struggle with the Mass is when I’m in heavy T10 MM. Being one of 2 or 3 T8’s in T10 battle is just wrong. Can’t let the secondaries shine to the fullest in that situation.

  2. “Feel I’m goin’ back to Massachusetts
    Something’s telling me I must go home
    And the lights all went out in Massachusetts
    The day I left her standing on her own”

  3. Антон Моисеенко

    Lets make german BBs full of secondaries – ok. Lets sell an North Carolina with better secondaries – OK.

    • Not entirely. To reach their full potential, Mass needs to run IFHE, manual, and AFT to be truly effective. The German Sec’s however don’t need IFHE thus they can run something else like CE (which is actually very useful for allowing a brawler to close the gap with other ships).

    • Антон Моисеенко

      Problem of secondaries is the dispersion of shells. Mass don’t have this problem but it is only for donaters.

    • I usually run manual secondaries on my brawlers, it helps the secondaries reach out and touch dd’s. I’ve tried brawling BB’s without it and it just doesn’t feel right.

  4. That Buffalo at 14:00 -.-

  5. Better than Alabama

    • Mischa_myItalian_japenesespitz

      Yes it is!

    • Yeah, between NC’s range and Sigma (and decently reliable dispersion), and Massachusetts CQC capacity; Alabama just doesn’t stand out. I even sold mine cuz I just wasn’t using her anymore.

    • Why WG adds almost always better prem ships than their currently counterpart in the prem shop ..

    • hmm, maybe They’ll give it a new gimmick to help it stand out. If they are willing to give attention to the forgettable T3 BB’s, they should not have any issue with giving older ships, both tech tree and premium ships some attention.

  6. This lvl of gameplay ! Just pathetic too see…

  7. similar to North Carolina

  8. Please face cam

  9. that Ibuki was cringe worthy

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