9kill 3000+XP – Isoroku’s Machine Gun Akizuki || World of Warships

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  1. What would Luigi do if I said “lol gay” for him?

  2. Looks like Jingles’ new kitty got very busy recently, sinking ships and stuff.

  3. Meanwhile the akizukis in my team miss all torps on enemy afk cv and die by ramming them.

  4. I like this you gamplay

  5. The Ugly Barnacle

    Ever notice that these Tier 8 ultra carries always happen when they’re top tier?

  6. So ein Torpmonster

  7. Well played, this video is just satisfying to watch.

  8. Asia server ftw.
    GG though

  9. Yes, everything went right – including first blood and kraken – but superb play as well. The man knows his ships and the gunnery was amazing. A real pleasure to watch. I am sure that the match left the dd driver smiling. The occasional game where it all comes together is why we play. Very very well played.

  10. Easy to achieve when you are down tiered. I enjoy those games when you are highest tier ship.

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