9kills in 13minutes-Henri-IV || World of Warships

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  1. excellent boat driver, situational awareness and aggressive play. the most frustrating kind of player. gg

  2. Nice game. Super map awareness, good aiming and good WASD hacks.
    PS: With teamates like that DD you don’t need enemies. :))

    • Alex CT what is Wasd hack?

    • Phantom Weapon WASD are the ship commands to go full speed and to turn. A player that changes speed and course all the time is very hard to be hit by the enemy. 🙂
      By doing so, most probably there will be some players that will say ” That dude runs hacks because I can’t hit him” or any other bullshit like this. 🙂

    • Yeah, bob-n-weave, stick-n-move, don’t telegraph, etc………………..
      Battle On!

  3. That scrolling in and out is super annoying and disorenating. Use shift

  4. Nice play

  5. Well played. I like the WASD hacks and torpedo beats. Even if he took stupid TK torpedoes he still did amazingly.

  6. A noob stays a NOOB !!!

  7. Hi i’ve Just started is the french cruiser line good?

  8. hello from Russia, men! 🙂 Your replays is good, but please added epic music for replays, this will look spectacular)))) good luck! 🙂

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