9Kills with Yoshino || World of Warships

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  1. Erik Estévez Tejera

    IJN cruisers 4 life

  2. Stop playing those filthy surface ships and realize the CVs are superior!

  3. ธนาวุฒิ ธนะเพชรพิบูลย์


  4. Sag mal gibts schon ein legendäres Modul für die Kremlin?

  5. A Yoshino with AP? Now you have my attention!

  6. Uchuu senkan Yooooshiiiinnooooooooo

  7. A cruiser with BB gun WTF

  8. Ladet er so schnell?das sind 10 Sekunden.

  9. he utilized his team very well.

  10. IFHE Yoshino…best Yoshino😎

  11. AP?Hmm

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