A BEAST OF A BATTLESHIP – Ohio in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.

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  1. Don’t love the Balance game play !

  2. Barry Hutchison

    Good to see tech tree ships are well represented in ranked!🤣

  3. Barry Hutchison

    Trenlass, I’m 6/7k away from either Slava or Ohio – thoughts?

    • Most would argue Ohio is the better ship due to the fast reloading heal and the 18inch guns with the bonus of decent secondary guns that have the Massachusetts accuracy bonus. Slava is a great sniper with it’s 16inch guns but at tier X your going to be looking for broadsides from range if you want the most out of Slava as it’s kinda poor at pushing.
      Maybe Trenlass will answer you as well and give you a better answer then I can but if nothing else you can just watch some videos on either ship from guys like Trenlass, Flamu, Flambass and Aerroon.

    • @onebigfatguy thanks for that mate!:)

    • Slava if you primarily play random battles, Ohio for competitive play.

  4. I Can’t Wait to get enough tokens for this, with “Bull” Halsey is Almost Unstoppable. @Trenlass p.s. Is their an Easier way to Collect the Tokens for this boat?

  5. Duke of York can be citadelled from the stern by ijn 410mms at T7

  6. And no talking about nerfs ? Because it is not a thunderer thats why this ship is broken op as hell like conqueror and slava but because a few can have it no nerfs good wg.

  7. GG – only so much one person can do!

  8. ฮายี้หน้า ป๋องกาว

    btw slava and ohio what is better ?

  9. Getting Ohio is painful and expensive.

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