A Call Answered! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Nicholas Ullenberg

    What do you think are the best premiums for farming credits: Graf Spee, Nelson, or Scharnhorst?

    • Nicholas Ullenberg personally nelson for me

    • I think Indianapolis is a good candidate, fast, nimble, rapid firing guns, and the consumable that makes DDs rage RADAR so you can be like plankton in his dream “I SEE YOU…… ZAP!”

    • Depends on your playstyle. Taking service costs into consideration, T5 has the highest overall profit margin for credits. T6 has greater potential gains than T5, but you have to perform really well in order to achieve them (For example, my personal best match in the Atlanta earned me 850k+ credits, but I did 190k damage and had a lvl3 booster equipped). Just play whatever ship you like best. My personal fav is the T-61.

  2. Spartan when is the last time you used the graph spee?

  3. Ima have to get myself a USS Iowa hoodie.! I’m grinding Colorado now.

  4. The 4K looks good man 👍🏻

  5. Have you ever lost a turret in Jean Bart and just went. “Ramming Speed”

  6. When ever my buddies and I play together and see an opponent Jean Bart, we would call it a jean fart lol, good vid

  7. Just got the Iowa

  8. Love the video, I wish I could play.

  9. I love how happy you got when the Belfast said ye s

  10. Sold my Iowa ages ago then wanted it back but I couldn’t be bothered to grind 18mil again but here I am now trying to get it😂

  11. Iowa using HE !! Still amaze me every time

  12. Nice game and a cheers to your Belfast buddy for the support they gave you!!!

  13. Fun fact: with a brawler build this thing gets an 18 second reload. Who needs range when you can be a man an dispatch your enemies with withering DPM at point blank range?

  14. Reload Booster always bites me in the butt

    ^ know the feeling, only works for me 10% of the time

  15. Spartan: here we are back in the jean Bart on land…
    Spartan: of fire
    Me: oooooooh right

  16. I got in a game with TBull

  17. 2 vids in a day!thanks Spartan!

  18. Hey spartan what are the times you usually play so I can run into you and help you out or destroy you or even be destroyed by you lol

  19. How did you get the Jean Bart?

  20. You are so crazy (in a good way) to jump into a frozen and freezing lake and post a video of it to be one of the videos people would watch to see your face. True Spartan Fashion, you’ve gotta love it! Another great and entertaining video from you to make my day’s mood rocket up! Keep up the good work!

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