A DARING Carry in World of Warships

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Heals on Destroyers are just too much fun!

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
WoWs RU Invite: https://flot.ru/Potato_Quality

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  1. Been grinding the British dd tree recently, overall really fun experience although playing the acasta was kinda hellish but that hell is gone once u unlock Icarus

    • Fun starts at tier 8. Rest is kinda bad.

    • @RedEclipse 4ever well the Icarus and Jervis aren’t bad cause you’re able to obtain the torpedo upgrade which allows torpedo range beyond spotting range. plus I’m close to getting 4 points on my captain for concealment expert

    • Acasta/Icarus/Jervis against their own tier is fine but since you are almost always uptiered these days it’s rough. I know Jervis in tier 7 ranked is really strong.

  2. You should try the Druid, even more awesome😀

  3. The first Tier 10 ship I grinded for was HMS Daring and it is a fantastic ship.


  4. I love the Daring. After the Kleber, sheis my second most loved DD in the game. The smokes, the guns, the heal and the defensive hdyro are just amazing and opens up mulitple posibilities depending on the opposing ship types. Great for competetive games too.The only thing I will complain is the speed. Man, really, from the bottom of my heart, hate the speed. I mean at least let the man do 40-41 knots with speed flag. It feels dreadful to relocate in this thing…

  5. Thnx for showing the ship builds really helps me improve in the game 😁❤️

  6. Daring is just one of those ships that are not OP in any area, but overall it’s just really really good!😊
    Then there are the german DDs who are just kinda okay in all areas, but not very good overall!😅

  7. I love my daring. I’ve had her for some time but haven’t appreciated her until recently. I was playing the new super ship dd zorkiy yesterday and she’s insanely fun. I’d love your take on her.

  8. About kill steals (esp on first bloods), would you think a “first assist” award and an “assist” award would be viable?

    • That would be great as long as long as it triggers everything that kills/first bloods trigger. They already have something similar for capture points. I know for a fact that Yamato felt kinda bad for doing something like 39 damage on a first blood, but the extra consumables were appreciated.

  9. Best Tech tree destroyer in the game. Good for beginners, and still good for experienced players.

  10. 1:20 it has excellent pen angles, 60-67.5 and thanks to the fuse being so short it is my main source of damage vs destroyers until they’re nose away for me

  11. 1:03 I’m sorry to say it but Daring has improved pen angles, Des Moines level of improved pen angles and short fuze AP (twice the time length of a minitaur) it’s always nice to have it ready, especially against light cruisers and heavy DD (not heavy cruisers and BB of course, you lack pen for that)

  12. Marcus Jones Stinks

    This is why I love tye Kidd more than any other DD. Even Cossack. Kidd has heals, also can have hydro or dfaa which is fun to farm FDR with since it’s so good, long smoke times (I build smoke trails for my team), good conceal, and very maneuverable. Guns are ok, and shell arcs are pain, but its still such a fun dd. 1 set of torps with long reload make any kind of torp build not really worth it.

  13. Slawomir Chmielewski

    About guns on DDs: a fire on a BB makes more damage than a torpedo hit on most ships. It’s much easier to get a fire than a torpedo hit. PR for leaderboard doesn’t care about battle impact, only about the raw damage, so farming BBs is da way.

  14. Daring is and always will be my favorite ship in the game. Daring will counter the new pan asian cruisers pretty hard I think.

  15. Leonardo Baldassarre

    1:50 if you hold left mouse button it’s theoretically guaranteed to shoot all the guns and switch ammo type. Sometimes it doesn’t, i think this happens when your guns aren’ t perfectly aiming on the same spot

  16. I run the improved AP damage commander skill on my daring and it shreds for sure. The Marceau is my favorite DD now. Daring is second and smaland is 3rd. Hopefully I can get my hands on the Vamp II and Ragnar before they pull them from the shop.

  17. I totally agree but I think the ap is in the most cases for dd fights the best choice. You got improved pen angels. Short fuse time. I have not the feeling that you get many overpens.

  18. The single launched torps are great for island hugging crusiers like Des Moines and Petro. Bait out the radar or wait for it to pass once it’s active then get in close enough and send out a single launch salvo.

  19. Perfect timing on this video as I’m about to unlock the Daring 🙂

  20. Daring is my favorite tier 10 DD. It’s like Z52 and Gearing had a baby.

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