A Different Grind? Level up a Battleship – World of Warships (Gameplay)

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Some and an introduction to , “the thinking man’s ” because of its blend of , , and some light elements for leveling.

Executive producers: Recramorcen, Sarge9017, MohEternal, Kiskaloo, NickTick, 2hoste, Levi Jordan

Special thanks: Maia Nashira, Toioiz, Remiehneppo, Neme5i5, Matthew Feiteira, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Joel Williams, Lionblade, Valentine Judnich


  1. FIRST! <3

    • no sums it up nicely. No amount of “goodies” in any “free” game are worth bending over for free to play, even less so when sponsored. Sorry Rhykker, but i was actually really shocked to see YOU do this kinda stuff. I understand the need for money, but damn… you are gambling with your reputation here. And your reputation was flawless, until now.

    • Can you explain what the transgression here, is? Honest question. I find World of Warships fun. I didn’t lie in this video. World of Warships received good reviews from games journalists and decent user scores on Metacritic, considering how user scores go. As far as I can see, the game is not pay-to-win, despite what some people (who don’t seem to play the game?) are saying. People are talking about “premium ammo,” which isn’t even a thing in World of Warships. It’s a free to play game with great production value; since they release it for free, they need to include microtransactions, obviously – something has to pay their employee’s salaries.

      As the actual World of Warships players are saying in the comments, the stuff you buy with real money does not give you an advantage over other players, apart from progressing faster. Premium ships are not OP. The game isn’t pay to win – you can’t spend money to help you win a match.

      Many of my friends like World of Tanks and World of Warships and want me to play with them. So what is the problem, exactly? Again, honest question, because a lot of people seem to feel this way and I don’t understand why. You seem to be saying it’s because of “free to play.” I don’t believe there is anything inherently wrong with a free to play business model. Path of Exile is free to play, and no one criticizes that game’s business model – everyone praises it. Is there something Wargaming did that I’m not aware of? I don’t recall any big scandals about them, like the lootbox EA thing. I’m sorry if you feel I did you guys wrong.

    • You are right, i never played this game. I remember seeing Sl1pgat0r do a sponsored video as well and he did not make it sound like the premium stuff is all cosmetic or time saving.That being said, even time saving, you can argue all EA did with their latest and greatest Starwars saga was time saving as well. Everything is / was able to be collected without spending a dime. Sure it would take a few hundred years, but where do you draw the line? That does not change my feelings about sponsored videos that start out with “click my link!” anyways. The general hate for FTP games is pretty huge for most gaming communities. And without knowing any statistical data about your channel, i would GUESS that your viewer mostly fall into the “hate it!” group rather then “yeah, i accepted the devil and roll with it” group. I won’t go into too much detail on why i personally hate FTP and sponsored stuff here as that is a different topic. I just did not expect to see both combined in a video from a person i always considered to be a cornerstone of well thought out content. You usually put up extremely high quality content for any topic / game you touch. This just does not fit in. At all.

    • The difference with EA and Warships is, that in Star Wars, you will run into people that have paid to have better gear which gives them a direct advantage over you. There is really nothing like this in Warships. Yes, they have released some ships that have been over powered compared to others but not enough to give you an “auto win” You can unlocke every ship and every commander in the game and be exactly as powerful as the guy that bought “premium time or ships”. The only difference is he got to his ship faster.

    • Uhm, and how is that different from people buying gear in SW that you can get as well, by playing the game, just for a few more years? Sounds like exactly the same, just with different numbers and most likely not a few years of grinding between. Still, the same thing. Both can be bought, both can be gained by playing. Wargaming is not exactly known for being a nice company if it gets to ftp. It always just comes down to people paying for shortcuts to compete in pvp. Then you always have the white knights that claim the shop is just for bad players and those could be beaten by a level 1 starter boat, that leaks and has no motor. And no captain, or crew. But do these points matter? No. That is just what FTP is all about. The issue here is who is endorsing it. And judging from the like / dislike ratio there is a disconnect happening here.

  2. Second

  3. Love world of warships!!

  4. Please change your shirts dude and the hat..

  5. “PREMIUM-Stuff” means “pay-to-win”

    • Premium ammo is worlf of tanks. Warships has no pay 2 win idiot

    • Except premium ships rarely are OP in any way. Those that have turned out to be OP have been removed from the store.

    • Its not p2w. Any gold (premium) ship you buy can be easily countered by a non-premium ship. Most if not all gold ships are merely gold because of their name (i.e. Kidd, Mighty Mo, Mushashi, Sharnhorst, Hood etc.). They dont get special ammo or anything like that. Their in-game stats stay within the realm of their real-world counter parts (couple exceptions for balancing purposes). Just because you decide to buy a gold ship does not mean you will do well. At best the main advantage they give is you better xp earnings but again that is assuming you actually do well in a match. IMO this one of the few games that has done a cash shop right while keeping the game f2p and not p2w.

    • not true, its a vary balanced game.

    • there is no premium ammo in warships

  6. Seems a fine game to me, but you lost me at the word “PVP”, so thanks, but no thanks.

    • You can also play it as Co-op vs AI with bots 🙂

    • Why?
      It also has pve game modes as well including historic missions with human team mates and matches verses AI. The missions are quite popular.

    • Thx for reply but I’m really dislike guns tanks, military stuff. That’s why i play Diablo 3, pure pve.

    • Wouldn’t you be out (or not even in) by reading the title then? It includes “Battleship” and “Warships”, even in a more casual and fantasy kinda sense, it would still be guns/military content. Stating he lost you at “PvP” seems redundant when we take your reply to Rhykker into consideration, because he lost you as soon as he titled this video. Your comment made me think tho…

      If we think about those who actually got lost at the word “PvP” but would be interested in PvE content then there’s something Rhykker could do to improve his next sponsored videos to avoid this situation.
      – First, I think it is safe to assume most of his viewers are into PvE content because of his main content, which is an ARPG with a complete PvE focus. He does mention and talk about some focused PvP games, like Overwatch, but I doubt most of his viewers play it or at least play it more than ARPGs (especially Diablo).
      – Second, he mentioned World of Warship as a PvP game at 2:00 but only mentions its CO-OP mode at 2:35.
      – Third, unless I’ve missed it, he never mentioned Scenarios. I don’t play this game but I did a google search about World of Warships modes and I now know it has a few modes, 3 PvP modes and 2 PvE modes.

      So, if I were the youtuber and saw “lost me at X mode” comments with this kind of script, I would try and place some information closer together. A nice solution would be to list all game modes available in the game at the same time, in this specific case World of Warships has PvP in the form of Random, Ranked and Clan Battles while its PvE content comes in the form of Scenarios and Co-Op Battles. Only after this would I state which mode is the main focus of the game, always nice to know.

      I’m extremely sorry if anything sounded like a “know-it-all” kind of thing but Zacaos comment and his reply made me think about “What if I was the streamer” for some reason. So I decided to analyze this a bit and share my thoughts.

    • You overthinking it, like i said, it’s a good video nontheless, even if it’s a sponsored one, hell i even think the game is nice too, from ordinary gamer’s view point. I just DISLIKE pvp games in general, particularlly ones with military themes, if you are a diehard pacifist like me, you’ll probably understand.

  7. When youtube videos aren’t making enough money…

  8. Rhykker support
    World of money transfer

    • go and make channel and hope you have enough money to spend shitloads of time it takes to make a single video. Sponsored videos are something completely normal by now.

  9. Definitely not my cup of tea, but watched it anyway because I like Rhykker’s work.

    • Not my cup of tea either but i tried it and had quite a bit of fun for free. Both World of Warships and World of Tanks are ‘A’ list games with huge worldwide player bases.

  10. did that link expires ?

  11. If anyone wants to see full matches to get a feel for the gameplay check out The Mighty Jingles’ channel. Funny retired sailor who is famous for World of Warships and World of Tanks videos.

  12. ah wargaming – the creators of the most obnoxious pay2win business model in f2p history…. yeah.. no thank you.

  13. Passion? More like, ideas about making pay 2 win games.

  14. Wow do you guys really expect him to ONLY make videos on Diablo? The game is dry, it’s not his fault… it’s blizzards, it’s like Treasure Planet all over again but for games…

  15. Nice video Rhykker, I will give this game a go for sure

  16. I play this game actively atm. Very fun imho :). I find it pretty chill to play since the pacing is pretty slow.

    And I don’t get why people downvote the video a bunch just because it’s sponsored. It’s not like it’s not clearly disclosed or anything. So why even care…

  17. Lost me at “premium membership”.

  18. War thunder actually combine tank and plane. Ship are in beta

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