A Game of Throws – Season One Episode Six

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So, at what point did the throw occur during this particular battle? Curious to see what you all think.

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  1. Its 3am here but it’s never early for a Jingles video. And a game of throws no less. U spoil us good sir.

  2. Game of Throws has a new prequel coming out in August…House of the Dragged Down.

  3. Robert-Jan Thuis

    Fairly sure that the Lion had to take that cap to ensure that the other team wouldn’t win on points.

  4. 03:40 A single stray HE shell just happens to hit, and sets a fire. Typical…

  5. Am going with the Iowa threw it by not running when nothing he could do actually benefitted his team. The moment he failed to stop the Lion capping was the moment to disengage

  6. Looks like the enemy team all but collapsed around the 12 minute mark.

  7. Matthew Anderson

    i believe the enemy team lost it when they went to win harder after going code green on all 3 caps. Also “there’s the Iowa’s torps”…. oh Jingles lol

    • Ditto. Really no reason to push after the enemy, if they insist on letting you get all 3 caps. Just wait for (some of) them to push to take something back and blow them away.

  8. the agent of chaos

    I think the throw started with the Siegfried reversing out mostly broadside to a battleship, the Iowa would have killed Stynkyy anyway and the Siegfried would have survived. Then Neustrashimy pushing into two BBs and throwing their ship away; the Iowa and Buffalo pushing and trying to win harder could have worked. The Sovetsky Soyuz was on very low health and couldn’t do anything but die.

  9. Firestarter OnYouTube

    Those last 5 minutes my god, that was tense.
    I was almost shouting “GO ON Z-46”

    • mynameiswritinwater

      the Z46 – in a DD that is not generally listed in the top positions for tier IX DDs did a great job of being safe and silent, and doing his job for the team instead of Yoloing in like the Neustra. Then again who ever beat historic Iskander (aka Alexander the Great) ?

  10. The kitakaze, neustra and the rammed iowa I think is what lead to the defeat for the red team

  11. Right at 17:40 where the Buff decides to try to cap C is where they lost. He could have just sat behind the island he used to disengage the rest of the game, plowed into the beach and sat there and no one would have had the time to stop him except *maybe* the Z46 with a yolo torp run, and the Buff still could have still wiped him off the board at that point. Also, just looking at the map, it seems when the Iowa decided to go ahead and engage the Lion, he was broadside on. Can’t imagine that went particularly well for him so that could have been the misplay that cost the game as well.

  12. Nice turnaround, but at least the first 7 minutes were an absolute shitshow by the greens. They just straight up abandoned A for no reason. Can WG maybe please start an information campaign on why “B+C” is a terrible, terrible idea? Of course the player who suggested it and told the Rupprecht to go for B is a below 50% WR player with 22k (!!!) battles played. And of course they lose all map control and are completely outflanked as it always happens when caps are given up without a fight. The only reason they won this was that the enemy team got overconfident and potatoed even harder.

  13. Otosj van Tolerbok

    If the enemyteam, after having got the three caps and having seen the enemy being cornered, just took positions to counter the retaking of the caps they would have been ok proppably. Stinkyy’s team did let them selves being cornered so those are not the sharpest blades in the drawer and could be lured one by one into a fight.
    But they tried harder, took risks, got shot a little too much and saw their health deteriorate fast. Paniced and threw in away.
    When at the point they started to loose their health they would have taken cover, still having the three caps they might have been ok as well.
    I think.

  14. So Lepanto has the smallest guns with the longest reload? Man, someone in WoWS dev team _really_ hates italians.

    • SAP obliterates DD’s in a way that BB HE only wishes it could. SAP also obliterates light cruisers in the same way and lets not forget SAp does not overpen like traditional AP does. Long reload is needed for balance purposes. Unfortunately wargaming also gave Italian BB’s bad dispersion (for historical accuracy reasons – LOL).

    • @lunsmann Except Italian BB SAP is artificially limited. SAP penetrations against destroyers only do slightly more damage than an AP overpen.

    • but they love ita dd TUUT TUT

  15. To answer your question at the end Jingles: when they started the game. It is all about mindset and they had when they logged in 🙂

  16. Welcome to the salt mines. Hope you dont mind triple shifts and never question our mighty gnome overlord…

  17. Akizuki (his cat) might object to marriage 😉

  18. Its when the Neustrashimy got himself killed. It really destroyed their position in the middle of the map and they lost the DD advantage.

  19. Can’t wait for season 7 where everything starts to fall apart.

  20. I think it would be interesting to have a game mode that pulls one random captain from each team and makes them basically admiral of the fleet

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