A great defensive ship – Roon in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boy and girls. Today I present you a nice game with my roon. This ship is quite underrated and still performs decent. I wish it would get buffed though. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Gareth Fairclough

    I just got the Roon, myself. Was looking forward to seeing how one would use it in the current meta. Thanks 🙂

  2. @Trenlass Can u show some hipper game? Last time i was playing WoWs that ship was one big citadel. 🙂

    • Henrik Gerner Hansen

      play it a little like Roon. tail end in and kite away. you can push late in the games. I played it trough ranked yesterday.

    • @Henrik Gerner Hansen I quit to play any games about 4 years ago. Just watching Jingles vids and Trenlass playing. But thx for tip. :)))

  3. Are people who live in Hamburg called hamburgers? lol

  4. Michael Søndergaard

    i love my roon and i love my hindi. best thing ive ever done was getting roon and hindy. huge difference for me from t8. not sure i play either of them correctly but kiting away and just HE spamming have worked really worked for me.
    and its been awhile since ive seen anyone play roon on stream.
    NOW, that said, working on my t8 tallin and could use some advise there? or atleast see it in action. haha.

    well great game and great ship. wp

  5. I love my Roon- it has the same HE pen as Hindenberg, so slapping IFHE on it lets it pen the Russians as well. The gun setup as well as kiting being the meta makes it pretty good at doing so, and the AP is oh so wonderful to sling at cruisers who think they’re safe. The torpedoes are lackluster, but the armor and heal are great, so I’d say it’s a good ship.

    Edit: also Roon’s turtleback actually works, unlike the bastardized version on the Hipster.

  6. Played with that Izumo in ranked yesterday … he was just plain bad and lost me two games in a row because he went sniping in his bismarck … the name suggests he is an old man playing with nomplan probably lol

    • thats better than my teammate, i was playing ranked in silver league and the team potato sank me with torpedoes, kagero with torp reload booster, he hit reload booster at the start of the match and backline torp and sunk me in the 1st 1 minute i hadnt even reached 3/4 speed and i was sunk. the other team was laughing at how bad our DD was, he followed up with torpedoing our other DD by torping towards the smoke he thought was the RED DD. im still not sure how he got into silver league at that level of potato

  7. Stefaan Lambrecht

    Ah yes the Roon my favourite tech tree cruiser thank you so much Trenlass for showing what this ship is capable of.

  8. Roon actually is a really nice ship and an obvious upgrade from Hipper…

  9. no its better 🙂

  10. This game shows exactly the problem with Roon. You have to play very defensive and if your team is not performing good enough, you can only watch the loss with no chance to change something. Trenless played the roon very nice, but still no chance to change this game. With Hindi you have some more pushing power, just because of the 2 front turrets.

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