A HARD FOUGHT NAVAL BATTLE – World of Warships Multiplayer

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Big thanks to Wargaming for sponsoring. Also available free on Xbox and PS4 at wowslegends.com

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  1. Btw a faction review is showing your viewers every unit in that faction

  2. Oh you have no idea how bad I wanna talk trash for you playing world of warships . I play warthunder .
    Just dont tell anybody I have world of warships account . Lol
    No honestly , way to go on having them sponsor you . That’s a great accomplishment . So now I’ll hush and watch .

  3. GENERIC Toaster Stroodle

    Please finish elder scrolls campaign Apollo ????♥️

  4. I know no one cares but can we give this dude a clap for the sponsor and amazing comment
    One like=1 clap

  5. My favorite TW youtuber showing a video of my favorite game? Excellent! Yes please!

  6. You should try to angle your ship more so you can deflect some hits and make it harder for them to hit you

  7. My god they will add Submarines? Now i will reinstall the game! ahahahhahah i am a Battleship Player! Playing with Fuso!

  8. By the way I was rescued from the captain’s quarters I stuck near land and the natives saved me XD

  9. Brunswick voice is just…Epic…Very suitable for Battleship Captain.

  10. Everyone who does these sponsored vids is reading a script so hard. I cant believe how many times I heard “thinking mans action game”. Literally every sponsored vid has this sentence in it. I have no problem with sponsored vids but at least go off script a bit.

  11. Mi Lourde Apollo, how many barrels of granola do you need for your ship? I’m used to providing for your soldiers on land and not by sea. I assure you, your knights will enjoy this batch!

    • Pixelated Apollo I’ve been doing this in your comments for quite sometime mi Lourde. Let’s play some Hell Let Loose or Insurgency DOOD! I’m BeeStrell on Steam!

  12. world of warships is a game i go back to every few months because it really is a unique game. also for you competitive people it does have ranked seasons, pretty cool events for holidays and if you like casual it has pretty easy coop vs ai , and some different scenarios that come out periodically. no im not a WG content creator but this game deserves way more love than it gets. Plus it’s free. good job PA for getting that sponsored video and giving a great representation of what the game is!!!!


  14. If you try the game be sure to make a carrier, people love and adore carrier players. Your day will be spent receiving encouragement and friendly accolades!

  15. What weather??? There is hardly any, and you only get rain when it loads and then stops. 3D scans? The ships don’t exist any more, just a few do.

  16. 25:02 Half of the crew is dead
    No, they are fine. They are just sleeping LMAO!

  17. The Fighting Stork

    Polly I love you, but please don’t shoot at destroyers from 12 kilometers away when you gotta shoot those battleships and cruisers, and if you’re gonna shoot at those destroyers, please for the love of God use HE ammo. Happy sailing brother, God bless.

  18. I usually win with just sheer aggression with these types of games

  19. ALWAYS HE against DD when as BB dude

  20. 13:50 “Admiral, we have a problem”

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