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Today we are going though the light in the darkness Halloween event.


  1. I got my 5 stars on 5th try the hard part was taking down the carrier the first 3 was just learning each ships job

    • it should be easy if the dds are seeking it.
      but the reality is that you never see DDs that know they should be in the filth instead of running away and be a gunboat

    • @F C ive been having trouble with cruisers not using the spotting consumable very well leaving me pretty useless in the filth

  2. Cruiser and battleship should not rush into the filth. They should turn around immediately when their gun is in range.

  3. Thank you!!!

  4. Keep up the good work Tommy… Your the man! 😉
    Many, many thanks. 🙂 (BL00D-ANG3L)

  5. The cruiser in this game mode is insanely fun, the reload consumable is crazy and no joke will out heal anything comming your way if you have a target.

  6. Thanks for doing all the annoying math for us lol

  7. Small correction: the daily Halloween challenge gives you 240 total portal shards. 60 for each of the ship challenges and an extra 60 for completing all 3

  8. The Gorgon is a pain for me!

    • Get in the destroyer. Get behind the portal and hide in the filth. It will appear from a filth portal. Keep your eye open. It spawns with a destroyer that launches 8 torpedoes at you as soon as youre spotted. When you get close enough pop your abilities and shoot your torpedoes and use torpedo reload to get another wave of torpedoes. Hopefully your aim is true and youre team mates stay defending the Transylvania and second tower

  9. What’s with the bb lame main battery gun range? Secondarys fire further..lol

  10. I did 517000 damage yesterday with the bb lol All you have to do is ram Rasputin and gorgon with the bb and activate your shield right before the ram and you will take no damage lol Bosses are easiest to kill with bb.

  11. This sucks. Can’t win if your team mates suck. 10 battles 2 stars. I’m always solo after the first 5 minutes

    • Same here , I’m close to giving up with this

    • Same here. Played 5 games last night and I was the only player left taking on 12 ships including the 2 bosses..lol At the end I myself sunk 13 ships, while my TM had 3 2 0 n 0..Awesome right. Hahaha

    • digitalcareline A&H Models

      Take the cruiser. At the start put it in reverse and full left rudder until you are have turned to go in the same direction as the enemy. Then stop – You have the range to hit everything that spawns. I only start moving when the Rasputin spawns in or when the filth gets too close. The first tower will be destroyed – defend it but not at all costs to your position as you are set up in an area where you can defend the Transylvania and the 2 other towers. Do not get too focused on immediately killing each ship as they come in – send 1 or 2 salvos to a Varg or scarab to get them burning with 2-3 fires then do the same to the next ship The damage over time will weaken them whilst they are out of range to hit you. The DDs can be taken down with 2 shots take them down as a priority to keep the team alive – Save your reload boosters until you start taking damage. At the end of the game it gets crazy just keep an eye on your health and use the reload booster to recharge.
      Do not worry about the team quality – This event is open to players that have started today so there will be a lot of confused players out there. – If you keep yourself alive and do damage then 3 stars is average – if you get 1 or 2 good players with you then 4 and 5 happen. The cruiser is great fun even in a terrible game. cheers Chris

  12. Thank you very much I’ve been waiting for it

  13. I was going to ask the exact same thing brah.. lol

  14. Nobody goes for the carrier everyone just follows the sail ship , iv been trying to solo the carrier for days and nobody gets it

  15. Fantastic review! Thanks for the help!

  16. Permafrost Insanity

    This is all great tips and pointers, however, everything comes down to players that know what they’re doing. None of this matters if you have players that want to chase the rabbit, down the rabbit hole and get sunk outright. That 5 star achievement is impossible for me to get, with the teams I’ve been getting.

  17. Thanks for this. I have found this op to be a challenge, but I also had no strategy. Hopefully, this will make the difference. I always wind up eating a bunch of damage as ships seem to spawn in 3km from me later in the game and torp me back to port. It is fun, regardless of outcome. Pulled off 300K damage in a three star game yesterday. Even read where someone did 500K+ in another comment here!! just insane.

  18. My strategy is risky for destroyer.

    First make sure your team stays and defends the ship and is ready for rasp. Then defends the second tower.

    Destroyer..as soon as the match starts boost your speed and make your way behind the portal. Be ready at 4:30 is when to start looking out for gorgon. Since youre behind the portal you can easily spot it.
    If youre good at destroyer and your aim is true unleash all your torps on gorgon. Then use reload torp ability and send 3rd and 4th wave. The risky part is you missing and making your way back to your team.

  19. Hey Tommyboy thanx for the video. Was wondering if you could help me out here? Were is everyone seeing that using the BELL ship every week gets you 1000 shards? I did it once and got 2000 and never seen that mission again anywhere in the menus or do I just play that ship once a week and I will get them if I get the 2500XP? I have played this mode above a lot, seems my teammates are’nt good enough. I only had one good game so far with random and we did get 4 stars, after that it has been all downhill. Hahaha I always end up the last man in battle, because I use all my consumables trying to keep the team alive

  20. I would like to add, after watching this whole video from start to finish and taken in your guidance, I believe I can now be more helpful to my team because I stink with the Destroyersery goo with a Cruiser or Battleship so anyways…”ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT”…Oh! and also wish me fair seas..lolol

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