A new, better German BB line? | World of warships

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  1. Rööönk

  2. Ooh the DerpLinger 🤣

  3. You’re playing Derfflinger wrong. You’re supposed to ask the enemy ships to open their flash protection skuttles before you commence shooting. That way any damage they take leads to detonations instead of crappy damage.

    • Is this what happened at Jutland or to hood?

    • @Brian Roome Jutland yes, the Hood we’ll probably never know for sure, but doubt it.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Drachinafel made a pretty convincing argument that the Bismarck’s shell actually went in under the armor belt and detonated the magazine. It’s an excellent video if you’re interested. “The Loss of HMS Hood”

    • @Prisoner of the Highway I’ve seen it, it’s about the best guess out there. I highly doubt they would have repeated the sloppy powder handling over 2 decades later that led to Jutland, so Drach hit on the most likely cause to me. But still, we’ll probably never really know, there weren’t enough survivors to put the tale together.

  4. My experience with the Mackinsen was actually a pleasant suprise. Like, its not a good ship by any metric, but for the first time since ever i felt like i had a german BB with guns that /worked/ as in, i could hit citadels instead of the constant overpens/shatters/bounces i normaly get

    • I’ve had some very good games in the Mackensen as well. I actually built it as a secondary ship and it works well for me.

  5. uhh, the mid tiers are underwhelming?
    The German BCs across the board are good ships. There is no odd ball among them, no power jumps, no unique gameplay among the set gameplay for these ships.
    The line is consistent, and the ships across the tier are very good.
    I have upto the Mackensen and without any doubt, I can say, Mackensen is a good BB for its tier. It may not have the biggest guns, but they are quite consistent, it may not have the best armor, but its good enough, the short dmg con, Massa sec disp and FPM, and the 360 turret make it the perfect package. And that’s all not even counting the god tier hydro it gets. Some of my mates also have unlocked upto Zieten, and they say the Prinz Heinrich is a great ship, and Zieten is also very good.

  6. Geoff the Ironwolf

    Welcome to the German BATTLECRUISERS masquerading as battleships. Sad part is WG did them dirty in the armor compartment. Cause in reality German BCs had IMPECCABLE armor, as good as BBs, but to get the faster speed, they had smaller guns. If WG had any sense they would of taken the Scharnhorst as the rule of thumb for German BCs. Fantastic armor on a fast hull with pop guns in comparison with battle wagons.

    • Makes sense, the Triangle of making any vehicle: Speed, Firepower, Armor. To be honest i feel like Wows could use some “battlecruisers” with low caliber guns, high armor and decent speed.

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      @Jay Werner you and me both. I mean German BBs should struggle against BBs but should wipe the floor with cruisers and be a menace to DDs.

      Derflinger did sink at Jutland, but the entire Grand Fleet basically had to shoot her to shit to do it.

  7. Nope Derfflinger is not bad at all

  8. These are NOT battleships. They are battlecruisers slotted into the BB category. They ARE designed to kill cruisers and other BCs, not BBs, .e.g. Jutland. No surprise on their vBB performance.

  9. Love them all I don’t have 100 games of experience in any of the ships but I love them all

  10. I have had alot of fun with von Der tan and moltke! They aren’t really secondary worthy but I try it for the hell of it! They are fast and fun! Very manouverable and even the 28cm main battery doesn’t seem to be a detriment! I am having fun!

  11. I wish Mackensen and Derflinger had been given low grade torps to turn them into proper brawlers like their higher tier colleagues
    Historically 4 × 50 cm (19.7 in)

  12. My plan is to get the Makensen with BongoBucks with the hope that the Tier VII is worth playing. The Derfflinger mostly flings crap against a wall in the hope that something will stick. The AP is hopeless. And the concept of using Derfflinger as a captain trainer is futile. I only use AP when I can jam the muzzles into the side of something with worse armor.
    The speed is nice, in the context of a world with battleships that are wallowing bathtubs. Looking for a German Tier VII with enough guns, will not be surprised if I haven’t found it in this superfluous line.

  13. I see people in the comments are already pointing this out but, they are BATTLE CRUISERS not Battleships (Think of the Constellation, which is the Lexington class battlecruiser), haven’t played any of them myself but, i hear they are good ships.

  14. WG: German CBs get bad guns
    Royal Navy: uhh, about that…

  15. LOL Mackensen is not bad at all

  16. The thing with many german BB guns is not the accuracy or some magic performances like the soviets got. Its the reload time. You want to blast these guns all the time. Sure, you ll get alot of bad salvos, but the more you shoot, the more good hits you will also get.
    For example, many people some streamers included use 420 guns and the 3 million secondary module on FdG and GK. Imo thats bad, with 406 guns and reload module instead you can shoot so often that you ll get much more clutch hits. That resulted in a 230k match out of 76 hits with my Friedrich latetly.
    König not tanky !? Yeah, you still got alot to learn 😉

  17. (3:30) “these things are by far, no comparison, not even close to being able to discuss it, hilariously more maneuverable than any other battleship at the tier”…… True, except for the rare and op Giulio Cesare. Derfflinger has top speed 26.5, turning circle 740 metres and 13.3 rudder shift and will maintain speed 19.9 kts in turn. Giulio has 27 kts, 640 m turning circle and rudder 13.0 sec and will maintain speed 20.3 kts in turn. Kongo is the fastest, at the tier, and I think there is something that turns tighter than the Giulio, but very slowly.

  18. Derflinger is a nice ship better as a slow American battleship basically battlecruiser

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