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It really makes my day, to go grab a glass of water or taking a leak, after queueing, only to come back to Two Brothers.

I srsly don’t see this map often enough.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. There’s no April Fools like a SPESHUL April Fools

  2. “We are already playing a significant role.” — How I would wish more players would understand that it is not about padding your dmg dealt, but about making the other team lose.

    • I just wish the game actually rewarded those kinds of contributions somehow (beyond just the “hey you won” bonus).

    • People also want the exp and credits which require decent damage numbers.

      A crap win can net you less than a good defeat and in the long run it’s about the grind.

    • @THZ who said anything about not shooting or fighting?It’s the people who push and want t9 fight that get punished while the DMG farmers sit from afar , rack up Xp and contribute little.

    • @THZ you have to shoot and fight to win. And yes… for most of us. A low damage win, where we contributed and helped the team win is far more valuable then a HE spammer who spends 15 minutes whittling down one ship to the detriment of the rest of the map.

    • The amount of times I kite a lost flank to slow the reds down while my team crushes the other flank are some of my best games. And often I take shit in chat for not ‘helping the team’. The best ones are where I end top of team in xp, yet they never learn

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I tried a couple of ranked battles today, one of my teams got rolled over so hard I saved my star with only 6k damage.

  4. no fun police is always a good thing.

  5. Chad DesMoines moves, not brightest, but balls-to-the-ocean-floor chad moves

  6. So nice to see that the butter finger moments even happens to the best of them 😀

  7. Kharisma Ausa Liesnawan

    flambass and two brother = best content

  8. It would have been rude not to go middle on April 1st.

  9. Yeah, I remember way back yonder when British ships and acceleration mod got me killed on more than one occasion.

    • Man, the moment you got spotted and try to brake and smoke and your ship takes like 45sec to actually stop is so frustrating. You can’t bow tank either due to your armor being paper so you are basically screwed.

  10. My videos & etc.

    That DM deserved the +1, he pulled so much damage and tied so many assets with you that was crucial.

  11. 7:30 – don’t worry, smoking is quite a common human reaction to stress! 🙂

  12. pleasant….pleasant would be that they stop letting plebs making decisions about the game ^^ or let us hit them with a paddle for every lie.

    i would pay good money to someone to record their decision making with the real why.

  13. dev struck a Plymouth with halland torps yesterday felt awesome

  14. Flambass: PaNiK!!! ClIcK AlL ThE tHiNgS!!!!!

    glad im not the only one who does this XD

  15. I’m surprised you haven’t hit 100K subscribers yet? Your content is awesome!

  16. Still maybe the most underappreciated ship in game! While not my #1 choice all around, plys utility is second to none cruiser-wise.
    You, and a few vids I uploaded are the only positive reviews on her if know of.

  17. Nice of you to show up for your own stream, Flambo.

  18. Best April fools joke – this map 🙂

  19. +1 Des moines, the guy that did the all dirty work , for the princess GG WP EZ PZ

  20. The player that asked about Spechul! at the start of the match also captained the Des Moines.

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