A. Regolo – Review – T10 Italian Tech Tree Destroyer | World of Warships

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The A. Regolo is the newest Tech-Tree Tier 10 Italian DD. It is a gun boat destroyer. It has 8 135mm guns which have HE and SAP.

I do play this match when I record the video, giving you live commentary and thoughts whilst playing the ship. This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment, like or sub. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 Introduction
01:34 Build
02:35 Game 1
19:35 Score 1
22:20 Game 2
31:40 Score 2
32:27 Summary
33:18 Build
34:03 Conclusion and Summary


  1. Two vids in one day??? Massive fan!

  2. The boat is hot and tasty as if you just took it out of the oven. It’s a Kleber with sap. Together in a battle they would make havoc.

  3. You bless us with two videos and none of them is Yahagi? The outrage. At 5:50 you even show us your torpedo practice skills for the japanese cruiser! As for the Italian destroyer, I find them very uninteresting compared to the Pan-Asian cruisers, but oh well.

  4. Big fan BTW

    Nice video, ship looks fun

  5. Regardless of how it play, I love their looks and the fact most of the line existed

  6. You should be able to get up to 3 sansonettis, one for each line, kinda mandatory commander for them

  7. The DDs on the first game were so damn tragic, that Daring was the very definition of a useless tier 10 player, and the fletcher was a tourist.

  8. Big fan. not a fan of these ships those. the SAP is too much for a DD to have in such salvos like a Khaba

  9. …and after saying 43kts base is not that bad. LOL

  10. XD, sorry just used to Kleber speeds :O

  11. Indeed, it was really difficult, not sure what I could’ve done in that situation, except maybe go hide behind my BBs.

  12. Hi! Thanks for the Vid! Just a quick question – is the Paolo Emilio getting redundant with the release of the new italian DD’s?

  13. Thanks for the video! Looking forward to try this. Smoke shenanigans could be interesting!

    Also have you ever met that one guy on EU who keeps raging about test ships if they are in his game? He is convinced testers aren’t actually allowed to test on live, or div, and they use test ships to boost their stats. Ofc he doesn’t play the game while typing out his theories. A wows legend for sure 😀

  14. I like your build on Regolo, I would peronally scrap incoming fire alert and main battery and AA specialist to go with fearless brawler. I think this is a hit and run kind of DD and you’re gonna be spotted every time you’re engaging someone, so I think that skill will be quite useful.

  15. Interesting DD, seems very similar to kleber in play style, hit and run, high alpha, good arcs. Although the Italian smokes could make for interesting plays in competitive.

    With the SAP you have a built in counter to stuff like Ragnar and the French DDs, with competitive concealment. Definitely grinding this line when it’s out!

  16. Perfect pronunciation, Malty! And as usual, excellent analysis and insight

  17. I do have a question regarding the Regolo, so, if I got it correctly it is a gunboat in the same way as the Khabarovsk (short range main battery) but there’s one thing that bothers me, what of the SAP ? Because if it finds himself against a Petropavlosk, the SAP (which is the main gimmick of the line) cannot pen his deck and so, it must swap to HE ?

  18. What hour of the day is Maltese playing at? I’m guessing it must be real late because the plays of all of the other players are disastrous!

  19. if this ship is in Division with Ragnar/Smaland, the combo can be devastating for enemy DDs XD
    as long as they have no radars or their radar cruisers are still behind an island radaring the Combo

  20. i will probably go up this line as i play dds more than any other ship

  21. Well, this is awkward. 5:18 Was just expecting to beat up the Tirpitz this game so I kina sperged out when my health started going down.

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