A Ship From Another Time – Ship Request Graf Spee

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  1. I would like to see Izumo. How good is it in 2023 vs when it came out (when I did the grind)

  2. I would love to see the Forrest Sherman again with a full reload build in arms race with 3x reload buff and halsey activated. it can literally spam shells every 0.6 seconds

  3. I’d love to see you play the Z-52 or Elbing.
    Love the content PQ keep it up

  4. I’m a new player and I feel like I’ve made a mistake by choosing the Montana line. I’d love to see you play the IOWA. Another banger vid from PQ

  5. The Graf Spee was my first premium ship and to this days it is a ship that I really enjoy playing.

  6. Graff spee is one of my favorite tier 6 ships. Big guns and torps are pretty nice in same tier. Ship can be somewhat tanky in same tier. It’s a kind of battle cruiser. I love rushing ennemy cruisers in this ship. Mid close range the guns work better.

  7. I love this ship , she is still fun to be honest! ❤

  8. I love the Graf Spee, it’s king of the hill when it comes to Tier 6 cruisers. The guns are just inaccurate enough to get people to disrespect it, and then they get deleted when it gets a good RNG roll. It can also bounce 14 inch guns so the yolo potential at Tier 6 is excellent.

  9. It be really fun to see you play the Hyūga, with spotter planes and reload boost it is such a great lower tier power house

  10. I want this ship so bad. Love playing ships that have historical significance. Only wish I had a way to get it.

  11. Love the Spee, such a gorgeous Ship and fun ship to play
    i’ve always been fascinated by the “PanzerSchiff” trio, a interesting solution for a problem that pretty much only Germany had (even if they cheated a bit with the tonnage lol)
    the German Reunification Event goes online this Friday, and looking at the patch notes we should be getting Schill on the same day, can’t wait to see you playing the “Big Sister” (hopefully/if i’m right) this week

  12. I’d be interested in seeing your thoughts on the French cruiser Toulon. She’s kinda strange at tier 7 but pretty fun with the speed.

  13. The Spee either works or most usually it misses by miles.

  14. Haida is a wonderful bote that can really impact the game, this one i vote for next.

  15. Awesome video! I would really like to see one on the USS Atlanta in the current meta. It’d be super interesting to see how you play her.

  16. Here’s another one for the Z-52, I’d love to see you play that. Ammo choice is so important on her and I am curious about your thought process which to use where. The choice is not always as obvious as it should be.

  17. I vote Seattle for the next Ship Request just because it feels like the forgotten little brother of the Worcester.

  18. Nurnberg or Konigsberg would be cool, also mid tier german cruisers but the playstyle is very different (although they are all AP beasts if used correctly)

  19. i´d love to see more on the hector. theres so little videos on it on youtube, practically none since it got buffed

  20. Had the Graf Spee for years, one of my favorite ships at this tier

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