A Solid Destroyer Opening in Rework – World of Warships

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Sharing a solid game where we open successfully against a carrier and then hold the flank while team succeeds. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Soviet Destroyer Grozovoi Replay

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  1. Always high tier good AA DDs….why not in lower tier and not so strong AA?

    • You haven’t changed your playstyle worth jack is probably why. I don’t have a high tier DD for example. I play tier 6-7 with USN, British and German DDs. Now, my performance in destroyers is relatively average but I blame that on me just not being an excellent destroyer player, still learning how they work, discovering their intricacies, not on CVs. CVs are piss useless right now after recent changes and they’ve never contributed much of anything to any of my bad games in a DD. If I’ve died as a destroyer, it’s cause I’ve placed myself in a bad position, rushed ahead of the team like a moron or put myself in a situation where I’m an easy priority target for SHIPS. The CVs haven’t had much of any impact on my destroyer gameplay. Grozovoi is more a case of a DD that can actively fight back against a CV, but even just evading them smartly can win you plenty of games with decent results. Stop whining, CVs have been raped with the recent hotfix. Make them any weaker and they may as well not be in the game for how little impact they have.

    • Because lower tier CV’s (tier 4 and 6) have very pathetic rocket and bomb payloads that cannot even hit a properly fast maneuvering DD. You do not need to have any AA on a DD in order to make it work even in this patch. You just need play it smart and forget going alone way before the rest of the team into cap or other aggressive positions. You need to wait for the right moment and catch that opening in order to flank now properly. Otherwise stay with your cruisers or push with your battleships at least during the first minutes of the game.

    • The Russian DD line was Aggressive, you did spotting and hunting DD`s and capping, while peppering the enemy battleships and cruiser with shells, or flanking and digging out camping DM´s, Drawing fire for your team and so on, That was the whole point of this line of Russian DD`s, it was fun and engaging, What it the fucking point of the Russian DD line now! sitting back in a smoke screen or hiding near the rest of the team !! every other DD does that !! the Russian DD line is Dead .My favorite DD has always been the Tashkent (second Kiev) dont ask why it is it just is. I have nearly 1200 games in my Tashkent alone W/R is 72 % solo play not division. Now the RU DD line is dead cause of the CV rockets, sure it will work if the CV is incompetent. You can dodge shells you can dodge torps you can dodge bombs, but you cant dodge Rockets not if the CV is half competent. and your completely fucked if there are 2 CV`s working together. Your better off in any other DD line now. the Days when you could carry your team in a Russian DD is gone. i love playing my Midway after the revamp but its stupid how easily i can remove a DD from the field if i want them dead they die and if they sit in smoke and shoot ill take them with torps its so easy to kill things in smoke now

    • +BigFatRillos Hey I disagree about the tactics not applying, more tools yes but same game, map awareness position etc. I agree about a wider range of ranks though would love to see more!

    • +JimexJimex Then what should I do when my team stick together at second line because they fear a lone CV and keep asking me to cap when I have no AA at all and enemy already have 2 caps?

  2. I still am having trouble seeing the difference between this style of play and a cruiser. You never fired a torp, spammed shells, and relying on def AA. To me that is a bit too close to being the play style of a CL.

    • That’s how Russian ships work in WoWS.

    • well, that’s pretty much the russian DD playstyle

    • +Kuhluh that pretty much only proves his point. If the only DDs that thrive in this patch are the russians, what does that mean about the rest of them?

    • Umm there are plenty of other DD’s with decent or even better guns than the Soviet DD’s (i am looking at IJN gunboats), plus most of them have longer range torps than the Soviet DD’s that have notoriously short torp ranges. The only thing Soviet DD’s have going for them is high speeds and good gun arcs, otherwise they are worse than other DD’s in most other aspects.

    • +Foromar
      In my RN dd’s, I have many short duration smokes to use when CV’s send planes over. I can pound them with AA, if the circumstances permit. I do OK in random that way.

  3. You got torps you know

  4. shimakaze AA build… anyone?

  5. I agree in the sense that a DD needs to be ready to bail at any moment but fast grabbing caps is still viable because most DDs are playing as passively as you recommend. I have been having a really good time bullying caps in my Benson, even in T10 games.

    At the start of the match I will go towards the nearest cap as fast as I can with no speed boost. If there is a CV in the match and he is coming my way I will do a 180 and head for my nearest AA cruiser or US BB. Most of the time they will find something else to pick on. Pretty much the same with getting radared, turn around, speed boost and wiggle away to break away from detection and then scream right back in to torp or gun down anything in the cap.

    After a little over 3000 games I finally decided to play DDs and chose the US line first, really enjoying them so far but Mahan and Benson with their 9km torps are a revelation.

    • If you like the Benson, consider getting the Kidd. It’s a decent captain trainer, fun to play and does very well in this heavy cv meta.

    • True, if you managed to cap early in multiple-CV game it would be hard for enemy team to recap it. It is super risky but doable.

    • Same here, i rush caps just like i used too..If cv comes at me ill smoke and sit, or sometimes just leave the smoke and go to other cap…just let them think im in that area when i just bailed on my smoke…people always assume dds are goona use there smokes, i drop them as bait sometimes…and just leave to another area.

  6. Thanks for the advice Notser, but can you or any of the other excellent CC players show us how to setup and play a stealth IJN DD as right now I myself like a lot of other IJN DD players are finding it useless since the CV rework.
    Feel really let down by these changes all to benefit the CV play. It’s like playing World of Warplanes in these games.
    The style of play has changed so much that I’m going to have to find another game after investing so much time and money. Gutted!

  7. Do this with a shima…

  8. Konrad Toporkiewicz

    The problem is: the game is so static. Every ship is commited to his own point of the map. Cruisers, battleships takes his corner behind some island and shelling each other. You were trying to provide AA assistance and harrased Minotaur just making cirlces around one island far, far from enemy. People starts moving when enemy few of the enemies are dead. Its dull.

  9. So you are actually saying pick an Anti -AA DD, ( revelation, not all DDs have even decent AA, what do we do about them, delete them from the game ?) and then play it as a cruiser, hiding in the middle of the flank, never try any aggressive solo moves to flank enemy, pick an island , stay there for shelter and fire your guns whenever possible.
    Sorry this is not the DD gameplay i enjoy… I really wanted to play DDs to be able to operate solo, go in front, play with the cammo game and the enemy radars, flank people, fire my torps from 6km away in me kagero TRB and bail out fast.. Now all its gone, the cammo based non AA DDs are dead and there is no way we can have this really difficult but so rewarding playstyle of torp cammo DDs anymore…
    BB from me, this game is dead.

  10. Honestly watching the game here, it just looked boring. Literally nothing interesting happened.
    It used to be you had to win a game, now it seems you just wait for the enemy team to lose the game.

    • It’s turning more into chess now. That’s exactly how chess works at high level play. Wait for the opposition to make a mistake and exploit it.

    • +The Gaming Python That isn’t exactly good for an arcade action game.

    • Its been like this for a while now. They fucked it up royally, ever since they started their HE bullshit with the introduction of the RN BBs. After that, it was one bad decision after another. CV changes divided the player base once again. Why can’t there be one good idea to fix everything? Its really not that hard if they actually listen to people who play CVs. This game has been ruined for me, after playing this for 3 whole years. What an utter disappointment.
      Also I really hate all the fucking currencies this game has now. Coal, steel, gold, silver – come on! Just make two! They are complicating this game where it did not need any more complications and simplifying it to brain dead levels in other places. Seriously, screw you WG.

  11. I uninstalled after playing for quite some time Notser…always loved your vids and takes on the game. Saying that this last update chaffed my ass to the point where I almost immediately lost interest! I put up with the constant back and forth nerfing and buffing since day 1…we all have that breaking [point and that was it…but again thanx for having some of the most entertaining and informative vids out there!! 🙂

  12. As others have stated, where is the stealth DD play? Do DD’s even need to take concealment skill anymore? If their role is now to sit back and use guns, stealth isn’t needed anymore. Are DD’s relegated to being risky cruisers now? Is that the adaptation that is required? Sorry, I liked it when DD’s could spot and sneak and torp.

    • +Vito Corleone Oh wow. I just read the updates. I don’t really have a problem with the changes to torps and flooding and wouldn’t significantly change how I play DD’s like CV’s have.

      Now the RADAR changes are freaking awesome! Not the best solution as the best would be just to make radar not see through terrain, but I’ll take what I can get.

    • It is gone so like me too this game make no sense to invest my time

    • yeah I noticed he was nothing more than an underpowered cruiser. Never came close to be able to use his torps. For a majority of the game he laid as far back as the BB.

    • Michael Murillo Boudewins

      If the CVs would have been more played in the past and there were more CV Players in the Queue, u would have been more spotted then now, because they could spot multiple Locations on the map. And yes – the Meta is going towards concealment beeing a bit less impactful. But on DDs ist still king. I have already start using the legendary on my Conqueror and Hindenburg. But to be honest ? I like that… because some legendariers finally make sense.
      And … i quite like that planes can finally not spot my Torpedos anymore…. wich is a big buff to DDs…
      I have no Problems with my DDs
      But yes the meta is changing… and i would like to see People getting used to the new meta instead of whining all the time.

    • ​+Michael Murillo Boudewins “Getting used to the new meta”, sure but when the new meta completely eliminates the play style that a certain type of ship is supposed to use you can’t really call it whining when players complain. DD’s are supposed to be sneaky. They’re supposed to take spotting positions that require them to remain hidden. They need to avoid using guns and stealth torp while spotting. If between radar and planes you can’t ever do this then it’s a legit complaint rather than a whine.

  13. Man, that is not over extending, it’s trying to go for the cap behind an island.

  14. We don’t force ourselves, the rest of the team does. So you either go into cap or have everyone else on your team spamming in chat, calling you a noob for the rest of the game and then blame the loss on you. Plus receiving half a dozen reports post-match. The major problem I see is not the DD captain doesn’t understand it, but more because the rest of the team doesn’t understand it.

  15. You cried about CVs vs DDs. You cried a lot. Now when CVs got nerfed/AA got buffed, will you cry about upcomming tweaks in radar mechanics and flood rework?

  16. I gotta challenge you on this, Noster: “I crave the idea that I can operate independently, aggressively…pushing forward. You totally can still do that. You just can’t do that at the very very very beginning.”

    You didn’t cross the D line until 8 minutes had passed, a third of the enemy team was gone (vs just two friendly) and there were two other friendlies pushing ahead of you. So tell me exactly how this is operating independently and being aggressive? It definitely doesn’t seem like it’s either to me nor is it what I would call pushing forward.

  17. I’d rather just play AA cruisers and BB’s until this all goes away .. leave my gearing and shimakaze in dry dock 🙂

  18. my main is dds and favourite are t6 and t8 . i can do rl well with them dds even when uptiered and vs high tier carrier. rl well means 100k dmg plus ,caps ,def caps etc making it a nice experience and fullfilling. now since rework i play alot of carriers, ijn line. t4 was basically the tutorial where i got the general idea of how to avoid flak, drop angles and even ap bombing. t6 also fine , decent dmg , fullfilling gameplay . t8? constantly with t10 ,very frustrating ,very little space to drop anything at all ,even isolated ships so you are spoting mechanism for most part of the game and my dmg is from 10k-40k but never ever got anything better as low tier cv (my decent games on t8 is 80-100 and i ve maxed 160k with hotfix) . so question: since the cvs are obviously staying and in their current form +- some minor nerfs and buffs, why would i want to play that shit class if i m constant uptiered ? why would i want to even try to do an ap bomb run if my bombs dont have pen to citadel almost anything +2 tiers? why would i want to do 4 torp runs in the same squad since my planes are dead on second pass to a single isolated ship and i m not hitting any flaks? and last why do my 2nd run planes spawn 5-6 km away from the spot i did my 1st run ,most of the times in some other t10s flak burst or why is it some times the flak is so much i can`t even see the target i m supposed to bomb? and why is it the fighters are called fighters since they are only good at spoting stuff and nothing else.again my main is dd and i hated cvs so so much ,only played one t4 cv game rts style and never touched it again,was so so bad experience. oh and if i m focusing dds only rip my dmg/score cause you all know spoting/capping and playing the objective or help your teamates dont give xp. +-2 mm is the biggest cancer in this game for every ship,especially t8s and t6s but in cv? you can`t do shit if uptiered

  19. 7:20 it’s not even that the mino used radar, that kagero started SHOOTING at him lmao

  20. Honestly, there will be less and less CVs playing. Not because everyone is specking and running AA, it’s because of the nerf-bat that hammered them. Someday Wargaming may get it right, but nobody asked for this “rework” and we got it anyway.

    This is yet another video of someone specking AA on a DD. I rest my case.

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